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Dam 00A would be EXCELLENT. Lots to talk about, such as Ace 1:58 controversy and false accusations by Clemens & his gang, Marc 1:55 quality & temporary LSU, basement strategy finally developed after 20 years and the Goose speedbully by Ace, Illu 1:59 and the amazing Banjo video, Marc/Clemens rivalry for 1:56, the YABT, etc. All of this coupled with the fact that it is one of the most popular levels to watch for viewers[1] would make for a very, very exciting video.

[1] source is the AceCorp stream viewer survey from 2017
TimeSplitters 1 / Re: Post new PR's here!
« Last post by Silent Thunder on Today at 12:13:05 AM »
7B Sorry Was That Your Bag - 14
GoldenEye 007 / Re: The Goldeneye Lore Series - TONIGHT EP12 (Bunker 2 00A)
« Last post by JDBlack21 on Yesterday at 10:03:47 PM »
I'm with BestDoak, I'd like to see a Control episode, preferably SA/00.
GoldenEye 007 / Re: The Goldeneye Lore Series - TONIGHT EP12 (Bunker 2 00A)
« Last post by Icy on Yesterday at 09:24:21 PM »
Egypt would be cool. It hasn't changed too much over the years and the three difficulties are nearly identical, so doing the trio could work.
Dam Secret or 00 Agent are worth a shout IMO
GoldenEye 007 / Re: The Goldeneye Lore Series - TONIGHT EP12 (Bunker 2 00A)
« Last post by BestDoak on Yesterday at 08:29:48 PM »
Control? Seems like it might have a strategy evolution that could make for a good episode
I don't know if there is much interesting lore on Control, and I know the level is the longest out of all of the levels, but the idea of a possible Control skip is fascinating to me and I think covering the work that has been done to try and find it could make an interesting story on top of the WR progression. Granted I'm pretty new here but these lore episodes are the reason why I'm here now so I thought I'd mention my curiosity about this stage.
GoldenEye 007 / Re: Strategy Awareness: Aztec "Mainframe Glass"
« Last post by Kyto on Yesterday at 08:18:18 PM »
Thanks for posting this Icy. I'm a GE noob and on my goal to a full time page I used this strat on Aztec and managed to rake in points aswell. Before I only knew about the other glass strats and playing Aztec seemed a daunting task but it's been quite fun now actually.
TimeSplitters 1 / Re: Post New Record Discussion Here!!!
« Last post by Silent Thunder on Yesterday at 07:57:48 PM »
To answer Anemptybox, 50k plus is definitely possible and maybe even 60k???  60k would be really insane, but probably possible.  I do remember somebody claiming a crazy score, but I don't recall any proof being offered.

I did make it past Phase 7 a couple of times (would have made it on the 48k run if not for bad luck with the spawn right behind me) when going for 9C and Phase 8 is pretty much the same pattern as 6 and 7.  Don't know if it just continues to repeat after that.
Which level should I do for the next episode?  I haven't decided yet, and have been quite distracted with other projects.

I was thinking possibly all "Cradle," but I'd need to know stuff like the exact values of damage from ZMG, nades, Trev's health, etc.

I've also had Surface 1 SA in mind for a while, but it might be inappropriate to do such a snowy level just as we enter spring.

Any suggestions are welcome, and if there's a level you really want to see, this is a good chance.
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