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General Chat / The guy who trolled and won everything in life
« Last post by GE on Today at 11:08:11 AM »

Hello Goose I like your youtube videos.
General Chat / Favorite NBA team/player?
« Last post by GE on Today at 10:57:11 AM »

Lebron James
Hello. :)

Yesterday marked a 'P-Day', a day in Elite history where no world record was achieved in Perfect Dark. However, there is a possibility that I did indeed achieve a world record on this date during my PD domination in 2007. While all of the records were posted on the 19th of December, I added the date to the copyright on each of the videos. Most of the videos are available on thengamer, but a few are still missing. Unfortunately, I do not believe anyone but you or Axel Z have those ones:

G5 Agent 0:38
G5 Special Agent 0:43
G5 Special Agent 0:44
G5 Perfect Agent 0:54

If one of you guys has these videos and is willing to check the copyright date on the raw videos to remove my reservations about 13th December being a P-Day, I would be much obliged.

Best Regards,
A handful of Eliters are currently going for untied world records. Marc has been on the cusp for both 0:59 and 1:54 (duping 1:00 and 1:55 numerous times, including multiple times in the same session), Karl just yesterday failed a boostless 0:15, Grav has been ever so close to 0:29 that he could get it any session, Calle nearly achieved a 1:47 on S1 00A behind the hut with 1.2 and has several 148s, and Alex just today started streaming again, after he was gifted a capture card.

It's more than likely all of these will happen at some point, but which of the following untieds do you think will happen first? Vote!

Also, BONUS if you can predict a date!
General Chat / *** 2017 ELITE AWARDS #14 - BEST STREAM MUSIC ***
« Last post by dsx on Today at 12:02:24 AM »
A lot of Eliters share their music tastes on stream with us.

Among the most prominent are: Admiral_Smit, AlexWAnderson, braidenmichetti, ClashingAshes, dsxchallenger, Grav, Greenounet, HarryCoupe, homieonice, iriebutler, MirrorMage1, Qweczol, twiii_, WodahsR, and xxomg74. I think these are all the main ones but feel free to let me know of/vote for others!
GoldenEye 007 / Re: Post Obscure Happenings here
« Last post by xXPunJaBXx on Yesterday at 08:50:10 PM »
I don't think that its that rare ace. I know Ive had 2-3 boosts thru there before. Im probably also getting stuck tho :LOL:

Anyway this happened to me last night and cant recall this ever happening before. Thought it was funny even tho im sure this isnt that rare of an occurrence
GoldenEye 007 / Word Of The Day!
« Last post by Elite Top 5s on Yesterday at 07:06:14 PM »


a person employed at a dock to load and unload ships.
henrik pls                    (daily pt loss counter = 1)
GoldenEye 007 / Re: Post New PR's and Discussion Here!
« Last post by Elite Top 5s on Yesterday at 05:08:56 PM »
when is 123?
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