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GoldenEye 007 / Re: Post New World Record Discussion Here!
« Last post by Elite Top 5s on Today at 06:31:33 PM »
GoldenEye 007 / Re: Post New WR's here
« Last post by Wyst3r on Today at 03:57:16 PM »

GoldenEye 007 / Re: Post New World Record Discussion Here!
« Last post by JDBlack21 on Today at 03:12:43 PM »
Damn Henrik! Well deserved 57 after that grind you had! Congrats on being the new 300 sweep on train as well. Can't wait for the video :P
GoldenEye 007 / Re: Post New World Record Discussion Here!
« Last post by Apache Spark on Today at 02:41:27 PM »

the analysis of this record & level will have to be done later because I'm too KEEN to do anything right now
GoldenEye 007 / Re: The Best Damn LTK Topic Ever
« Last post by Alec M. on Today at 02:25:54 PM »
lol, stupid Icy luck :rollin:

Was about to ask if this was an Ace alt  :kappa:

Keen for more Bozon records!!
General Chat / Re: ***SONG OF THE DAY***
« Last post by Alec M. on Today at 02:24:52 PM »
LOVE LOVE LOVE this thread. <3
The Gentlemen's Club / Re: ATTN: GRAV (BRING BACK CRONI)
« Last post by Alec M. on Today at 02:24:21 PM »
1) Why is this not in Gentleman's Club?

2) Ace has clearly not followed over the past few years the remarks stated by Croni that has lead to Grav's decision.
GoldenEye 007 / Re: 2 controller question/suggestion
« Last post by TheFlash on Today at 12:49:06 PM »

technically what the I/O chip does to determin analog signal is it has 2 connection. one for y one for X. and it check's the resistance for those 2 connection's. neutral is 50% resistance on both. that is taken as the 0 in analog direction. 100% is 128 and 0% is -128. all the chip does is check resistence on those 2 connections. so getting a max speed in any direction only requires that you ajust resistance with a boutton press. so you could for example make it so that C-up is disconnected from it's circuit and instead act as a bypass of the analog Y circuit. pressing it would complete the circuit with no resistance giving you a no resistance signal and thus giving you a 100% signal witch would translate to whatever is the max analog foward speed of the N64 (most probably 128 with a deadzone to not go too fast)

i know it seem's complicated explained like that but in practice this could be acomplished verry esealy and fast. you would only need 2 wires, a soldering kit and a knife. you would scratch off the traces on the board that makes the complete C-up go and gives C-up (not where the boutton presses but the traces leading to it). leave some metal on the side of the boutton connector terminator exposed. and solder the 2 Y connections to the 2 exposed and scratched C boutton traces. and that would be it. you have now a controller that has no C-up but has a max foward boutton instead


This entire post is a lie and has no basis in truth.

The N64 "analog" stick uses an optical encoder and disc to generate 2 square waves for X and 2 square waves for Y offset by 1/4 to tell the controller chip that the stick is moving.

There is no potentiometer and no resistance measurement.

Everything in this post is wrong, DO NOT ATTEMPT YOU WILL RUIN YOUR CONTROLLER.

Here is a video I made demonstrating the actual signals sent from the analog stick:


Disinformation of this type is very rude and I hope the moderators assign a warning level to your account. This calls into question all your previous statements in this thread. Please refrain from sharing disinformation/misinformation in the future or I will personally ban you.
Congrats Marc. 00 and All 60 next?
Funnily enough, I was planning on making a Courier 0:00 TAS for April Fools' Day, but it didn't pan out. Here's what I found, though:

After unpausing, there is one frame where the timer doesn't update. In this frame, Bond's position will update, but you actually lose a bit of speed, all the way down to the minimum speed (in other words, zero EXCEPT for Cold Reception). So in most cases, you would eventually stop moving, so you would need to reaccelerate, which would cause the timer to update. You also can't perform any actions (shooting, opening doors, etc.) in the unpause frame. So basically, 0 seconds isn't possible on most levels.

However, in Cold Reception you have a nonzero minimum speed, which is why it works so well here. Assuming that you don't die, you could theoretically get as low as 13 frames of in-game time here (first pause at 11 frames and 1 frame to shoot each of the 2 fuel dumps).

Also, if you're not aware, I've been working on a TWINE TAS for some time now, and I'm about a level and a half from completing the whole thing. There's lots of information in the video descriptions, so surely you'll find something interesting.

3) Does any video of the strategy exist? Any theorycraft or TAS? Or were Bcks’ destroyed VHS tapes the only recording ever?  Why haven’t you or anyone else tried it/recorded an attempt, even if just for theory?

I have a TAS of a short segment of Courier (about 1 in-game second). If I knew of a way to record Bizhawk with lua outputs, I could make a comparison of pausing vs. normal play showing certain memory values.
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