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GoldenEye 007 / Re: Does anyone know what Goose is doing?
« Last post by Bam Bam Gigolo on Today at 09:15:41 am »
Put me in the 'I hope there's more content coming soon' category, but I worry that the angry mob will make that difficult.

A lot of people who have been around for years don't realise that Goose and his videos have bought a lot of people to Goldeneye speed running recently. Both as a casual observer and attempted player. I'm one of them, I had never heard of the elite before discovering Goose's YouTube channel.

Forgive and forget and get a bit of positivity back, that's what I say.
GoldenEye 007 / Re: Does anyone know what Goose is doing?
« Last post by Hypnotoad on Today at 07:05:00 am »
In hiding I'd imagine.  :v
GoldenEye 007 / Does anyone know what Goose is doing?
« Last post by Villain on Today at 04:41:20 am »
Will there be more content? Please tell me there will be more speedlore and goldeneye in review 2018.. Does anyone know?
General Chat / Re: 2018 Bowl Pick'em. Join before noon on December 15
« Last post by Ngamer on Today at 02:08:08 am »
Count me in- I think this is my year!
General Chat / Re: 2018 Bowl Pick'em. Join before noon on December 15
« Last post by TheFlash on Yesterday at 04:18:22 pm »
Yikes, that only gives me a few short hours to figure this out.

I'll try my best.
GoldenEye 007 / Re: GE & Me
« Last post by GoodleShoes on Yesterday at 12:37:21 pm »
Imo the skills learned in speedrunning apply to everything else as has been stated above. You learn what you need to do, watch videos of how to do those things (or most times IRL read something) and then practice at those things to gain consistency. You must act as if the work you are doing is the activity that is your purpose at that time. Does that mean it's your purpose in life? It's more like that is your purpose at that time. If you let your mind focus on other things while you are doing work you will never feel fulfilled. If you can focus on work while you're at work, focus on home stuff while at home, then you'll be much better off. It's like when you're running a game but not fully focusing and thinking of other things in life that are occurring in your life. your runs will suffer as will your mental state. That being said, I've never had a retail type job before and I would probably not do well in that sort of environment so I'm just lucky enough to have a job related to my field out of college so take it with a grain of salt. If you sit/stand there thinking "man I wish I wasn't here right now" your life will simply be worse. Imo all negativity is unproductive and only causes suffering. There are 3 decisions that can be made within any situation. You can change the situation, you can leave the situation or you can accept the situation. Anything else is unnecessary suffering. There will always be circumstances that will make you say yeah obviously those are the things that are viable but-. Just pretend there is no but. If you're in a bad situation then that really sucks but just pick one of those options and work toward it. (Even acceptance.)
TimeSplitters 2 / Re: Post New WR's Here !!!
« Last post by TB-303 on Yesterday at 06:58:46 am »
Forgot to post this when it happened, but I tied Batteries 1:53.9  :nesquik:
Perfect Dark / Re: Post obscure happenings HERE!
« Last post by flicker on Yesterday at 04:07:12 am »
Yeah, I hear about that happening every now and then. Someone will mention their file was wiped out on Goldeneye, but after taking out the cart and putting it back, it'll show up again. Experienced it personally a few years ago. I don't think I've seen it happen like that in Perfect Dark, so that's interesting. I wonder if this bug is connected to the other one some players have encountered in which there appears to be no saved files on the game cart, but the game will still not allow creation of a new file, with an error for insufficient space. Perhaps a file can become corrupt, and then only be removed from the list of agent files, but not actually removed from memory?

Well, I hope your file comes back. This is one reason why I keep my file copied on my controller pak (but play using the on-cart file) and copy over it every so-often to keep it somewhat updated. Put your combat simulator player settings on the same controller pak too, it's great to have for meets!

As for that floating guard, I recommend you make sure your cart is inserted into the N64 snugly, securely, and completely. :nesquik:
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