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At first I thought this was a light-hearted post by Huzi attempting to inject some humor ITT but then I noticed it was uploaded by StefanK to YouTube today and Huzi was merely sharing it.

Yea, I believe this this belongs in the best damn gameshark topic ever thread. lol
I love how he always has other people post stuff for him going all the way back to like 2002 :rollin:
yo steve, wheres the strat which got you the claimed untied? thats all we want, thanks
I remember back in like 05 messing with emulatots and using no clipping and it had a similar effect to that youd clip out but the game would only load where you are, i believe hes doing that only with a gameshark. I think mcm has that option still enabled or you might need a seperate code but im 99.9% sure thats what hes doing. The onlything no clip was good for was going to the island on dam because if you did it on the dam it would load all over the water, if you went to far anywhere else everything looked blue. Maybe if you somehow could go oob in the blackroom behind the glass would still be loaded but thats really pushing it!
GoldenEye 007 / Re: Post New WR's here
« Last post by Happens on Today at 06:49:05 PM »
Theres no way he ever claimed to go oob to get through the glass, even if you did and somehow got the dat and uploaded the guidance (which isnt all that unloaded?) going back to the portal at the start to reload the rest if the level would lose time.
Um what exactly is this?
GoldenEye 007 / Re: N64 joysticks
« Last post by AZ on Today at 04:33:23 PM »
4 or 5 since I joined. My current controller that I have been using since maybe 2009 or so is like a 5/10 with the L button not working, two or three screws are missing and a jammed Z button (that game rage :nesquik:). Fortunately, I do have spare controllers with 10/10 and 8/10 sticks.
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