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GoldenEye 007 / Re: Post Runs For Critique Here!
« Last post by Vermin on Today at 04:56:48 PM »
Hold up and c-left to start the level. Your hut entrance was really wide. You're losing the most time there.
GoldenEye 007 / Re: Post Runs For Critique Here!
« Last post by JDBlack21 on Today at 02:56:24 PM »
1.2 is easy enough to get 23. First of all, it looked like you weren't holding the c-buttons until you got control of bond. Holding the buttons in the cutscene alone should save about 0.1 or so. Your entrance to the hut could be a little tighter, and your exit it a tad too tight. Good boosts with the grenades though, one more from the drone should secure 23, but those 4 nade ones by themselves can get it as well.

Edit: Looks like you were holding c left in cutscene, which is fine too. My bad lol.
Perfect Dark / Re: Post New Videos Here
« Last post by JORIS on Today at 02:51:16 PM »
This is a Chicago 0:14 done with the slow motion cheat, i picked up the mine at 10.31 the end could have been a little bit faster but the robot is very troll on slow motion and it's rare to get a completion. I had to climb a bit slowly on purpose otherwise i was spotted by the guards before i could detonate the mine
Control style: 1.2
System: PAL
I have some questions about Chicago: What's the best system to use if someone is going for 0:14? NTSC or JAP? also PAL doesn't seem to be disadvantaged on Chicago.
I would also like to know on what decimal Clemens picked up the mine on his 0:14 On the Chicago 0:15 guide topic: Icy wrote that Clemens picked up the mine at 10.33, but i don't know how he did find that because even on the original 0:14 vid that has a slightly better quality we can't see on what decimal the mine is picked up.
Perfect Dark / Re: Post New Videos Here
« Last post by mw on Today at 02:04:38 PM »
Oh wow, I hadn't considered using the x-ray like that. I think it probably saves time over my ending too. I might redo this for 14 later.

Funny how I hadn't seen this video. Like I said, I was inspired by a really old 19 by Jugador, but I hadn't bothered looking around for faster runs.
Sorry we're gonna miss ya bud  :sad:

Qwec and I can take a trip to Josh's to haul some tv's, no problem
Perfect Dark / Re: Post New Videos Here
« Last post by chuck on Today at 11:46:40 AM »
That's nice man! I always tried to do 1st ECM-Mine in a fancy way like that but always failed, so I came up with this (high quality video warning :D )
My ending looks cooler though, in my opinion  :p
I wanted to let everyone know as soon as I found out but unfortunately I will not be able to attend VA. :cry: my current job just fell through and I Can’t afford to spend the money to rent a van for the week. I also will have a lot to take care of so I really tried to make it work but I am not able too. I sorry that this is last minute being so close to the VA meet but I did not expect to be out of work. However I still can bring down some tvs and some of the other stuff on Monday for you guys to use for the week. Then I can come back Saturday to pick it up. I should be able to cover the gas back and forth if someone wouldn’t mind covering me for the Saturday. If not what should I pay the Weathertons for just the one day? One day is better than no days :undecided: Sorry for the last minute drop out but there is not much I can do and I appreciate your understanding.
GoldenEye 007 / Re: Post Runs For Critique Here!
« Last post by smo007 on Today at 11:17:28 AM »

I have been playing for about a month. I'm really trying to get Runway Agent :23 but I continue to get :24 every time. This is one of my 0:24, a great example of how each run goes. I know I miss the boost of the key hut when I come out in this video, but even sometimes with that boost, and 4 boosts on the runway itself I still get 0:24. I feel like sometimes my key hut is really good and my boost is really good even with some luck with the turrets and I still get 0:24. I am missing something, or doing something crucially wrong, I just don't know what. I have watched a lot of videos of 0:23 and they all look similar, some look like they're using 2.2 but I am trying to do this with 1.2 control style. Any help, tips, or advice would be really appreciated. I'm trying to get a good idea on what I'm doing wrong, or could be doing better, so I can improve. Thank you.
GoldenEye 007 / Re: Post New WR's here
« Last post by Wodahs-Reklaw on Today at 11:10:36 AM »
Aztec Agent 1:23
General Chat / Re: The-Elite MOAM (MEET OF ALL MEETS) at AGDQ 2019!
« Last post by Timtamz on Today at 05:26:10 AM »
Yes. No question about it IF I'm free from school that week and if I can acquire the right amounts of funds =)
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