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Initial Reaction (9/16/2005)
« on: December 04, 2006, 05:42:00 AM »
How did the Elite first react when the Wii's (at that time it was still known as the Revolution) motion-sensitive controls were announced in September of 2005?  Does anyone regret their initial reaction now that they've had a chance to try out the controls themselves?  Here are your answers!

Infil Weighs In

Infil12 (10:34:56 PM): argh.
Infil12 (10:35:00 PM): revolution controller get.
Im Ngamer (10:35:12 PM): I know! very exciting
Infil12 (10:35:19 PM): i'm completely and totally pissed off.
Infil12 (10:35:23 PM): i want nothing to do with the system. haha
Im Ngamer (10:35:45 PM): come on Infil
Im Ngamer (10:35:54 PM): just imagine the next Zelda

TrueAssassin82 (10:35:54 PM): virtual reality
Infil12 (10:36:04 PM): virtual BS
Im Ngamer (10:36:04 PM): where YOU control the swordplay
TrueAssassin82 (10:36:38 PM): my friend doesnt beleive it and he said even if it's true theyll come with controller socket as an option
dragondragon18 (10:36:39 PM): damn, i wanted to control it, oh well
Im Ngamer (10:36:55 PM): and can you imagine how great this will be for FPS?
Infil12 (10:37:03 PM): you know they're going to sell addons for that controller that you have to buy to play game x.
Im Ngamer (10:37:03 PM): you've got to be excited about Prime 3
TrueAssassin82 (10:37:03 PM): yeah
Infil12 (10:37:12 PM): ngamer; not really. heh.
Infil12 (10:37:16 PM): it sounds extremely gimmicky to me.
dragondragon18 (10:37:35 PM): jons gonna be first in line to pick his up
dragondragon18 (10:37:37 PM): isnt that right, jon?
Im Ngamer (10:37:46 PM): was there ever a doubt?
dragondragon18 (10:37:53 PM): yes
Im Ngamer (10:37:55 PM): I have an opening day GC as well
dragondragon18 (10:38:00 PM): and then it went away
Infil12 (10:38:18 PM): i have an opening day GC too
Infil12 (10:38:24 PM): i'm pretty sure i won't be having an opening day rev. heh.
Infil12 (10:38:40 PM): EVEN with smash wifi, which totally excite(d) me.
Im Ngamer (10:38:43 PM): that analog stick will come standard, Infil
Infil12 (10:38:45 PM): being the huge smash player i am
Im Ngamer (10:39:19 PM): and don't forget that you'll be able to plug in the GC controller
Im Ngamer (10:39:38 PM): they can just keep manufacturing Wavebirds
Im Ngamer (10:39:47 PM): for people to use on the ports
Im Ngamer (10:39:53 PM): Madded '07 or whatnot
Infil12 (10:39:56 PM): the only redeeming feature is that you'll be able to use other controllers for compensation. not much of a feature.
TrueAssassin82 (10:40:05 PM): i can still play games like silent assassin and splinter cell
Im Ngamer (10:40:11 PM): and then do something really special first party
TrueAssassin82 (10:41:07 PM): imagine smash bros on revolution
Infil12 (10:41:12 PM): i have no idea how they intend smash rev to work. unless they plan to just use the GC controller, which i hope they will.
TrueAssassin82 (10:41:15 PM): that be some good graphics
Infil12 (10:41:25 PM): but with no control, who cares?
Infil12 (10:41:34 PM): trust me, *no one* was more excited for smash wifi than me.
Infil12 (10:41:38 PM): now, i don't even care.
Im Ngamer (10:42:19 PM): why would there suddenly be no control? you still have your A and B, and your analog stick, and your shoulder buttons
Infil12 (10:42:22 PM): you have two buttons. that is it.
Infil12 (10:42:28 PM): on your right hand, the A and B buttons.
Infil12 (10:42:55 PM): and i guess, if you use your left hand (which i get from the impressions is more of an addon than a real part of the controller), you get one extra button
Infil12 (10:43:01 PM): 3 buttons does not a controller make.
Im Ngamer (10:43:01 PM): and the analog stick... and the L and R on the analog stick
Infil12 (10:43:06 PM): and free motion does not even come close to making up for it
Im Ngamer (10:43:20 PM): there's L and R on the left Infil
dragondragon18 (10:43:26 PM): buttons on your arms? sounds gay
Infil12 (10:43:39 PM): 4 buttons then...
Infil12 (10:43:43 PM): still well below standard.
Im Ngamer (10:43:49 PM): then flick up to jump. there, no need for X
Infil12 (10:44:03 PM): no good smash player uses up for jump :)
dragondragon18 (10:44:11 PM): haha
TrueAssassin82 (10:44:11 PM): true infil
Infil12 (10:44:13 PM): wavedashing is impossible like that.
dragondragon18 (10:44:13 PM): true
Im Ngamer (10:44:32 PM): well, now you don't have to press a button at all
Im Ngamer (10:44:36 PM): just move your wrist
Infil12 (10:44:39 PM): but i want to. haha.
Infil12 (10:44:49 PM): i don't want to have to do that kind of nondeterministic movement.
Im Ngamer (10:45:19 PM): you determine it, by how far you tilt up
Im Ngamer (10:45:49 PM): I'm sure you can have it down to a science by the 2nd hour
Infil12 (10:45:57 PM): what about bigger TVs? you actually have a disadvantage on bigger TVs now.
Infil12 (10:45:59 PM): that's not deterministic.
Im Ngamer (10:46:31 PM): if you want tighter controls
Infil12 (10:46:33 PM): there is short-hopping in melee, too, which i consider much more of a science than moving your wrist a certain (arbitrary) distance
Im Ngamer (10:46:36 PM): bring the sensors in closer
Infil12 (10:46:55 PM): i just don't like the whole direction nintendo is taking with that
Infil12 (10:47:14 PM): i don't want to have to physically move closer to my TV to get better controls.
Im Ngamer (10:47:14 PM): oh! and I know you don't like real time strategy
Im Ngamer (10:47:22 PM): but imagine what they'll be able to do with the next Pikmin
Infil12 (10:47:34 PM): i'm sure it will work really well for a select few games.
Im Ngamer (10:47:34 PM): it will be so easy to highlight a group
Infil12 (10:47:45 PM): and, if done right, can make FPSes enjoyable
Infil12 (10:47:46 PM): but... that's about it!
Im Ngamer (10:47:53 PM): like you can in a PC RTS
Infil12 (10:47:55 PM): they're limiting their options imo.
TrueAssassin82 (10:48:26 PM): how does downloading games work for revolution
TrueAssassin82 (10:48:49 PM): my friend says you have to pay money for each individual game you download
Im Ngamer (10:48:50 PM): they're expanding our horizons, I'd say
Infil12 (10:49:10 PM): well, for me, they're expanding to a place i don't want any part of
Infil12 (10:49:18 PM): this is really strong-sounding i'm sure.
Infil12 (10:49:22 PM): but i've never been so underwhelmed before
Im Ngamer (10:49:50 PM): you just wanted a GC, with better graphics and wifi?
Infil12 (10:49:51 PM): i can just see the sony and MS execs throwing a huge party right now.
Infil12 (10:50:05 PM): i wanted a controller i could feel and hold and play games with. heh.
Im Ngamer (10:50:06 PM): that would hardly have been a "revolution"
Infil12 (10:50:23 PM): nintendo's "revolutions", though, are more like gimmicks to me.
wheatrich (10:50:35 PM): gimmicks are what sells...
Im Ngamer (10:50:37 PM): you're getting the GC controller, you're getting the better graphics, and you're getting the wifi
wheatrich (10:50:39 PM): unfortuantely
Infil12 (10:50:41 PM): i disagree, wheatrich.
wheatrich (10:50:48 PM): that's how the xbox sold
Im Ngamer (10:50:48 PM): gimmicks don't sell, wheat
Infil12 (10:50:50 PM): i think solid foundations sell.
Im Ngamer (10:51:05 PM): Halo is not gimmick
wheatrich (10:51:05 PM): I was referring to PD
wheatrich (10:51:07 PM): and rare
wheatrich (10:51:12 PM): that is what sold a lot of those
Infil12 (10:51:17 PM): ngamer, i don't want the GC controller... i want something better than it
Im Ngamer (10:51:18 PM): they took what had already been done, made it look better
Infil12 (10:51:25 PM): i want something that can play fighting games, for one.
Infil12 (10:51:42 PM): i want a controller with a tighter right-handed stick
Im Ngamer (10:51:42 PM): how was Goldeneye a gimmick game?
wheatrich (10:52:08 PM): I was referring to microsoft's purchase of rare as the gimmick
Infil12 (10:52:22 PM): they sold a lot of xboxes, for no reason, too. haha.
Infil12 (10:52:30 PM): rare released 1 sub-par game, and 1 remake.
Infil12 (10:52:34 PM): far less than what was promised
wheatrich (10:52:45 PM): my brother got an xbox just for that reason
Im Ngamer (10:52:50 PM): well, we'll see if PDZ sells
Infil12 (10:52:52 PM): i'm sure he's disappointed :)
wheatrich (10:52:59 PM): he is/was
Infil12 (10:53:18 PM): i'm not knocking the xbox right now, but i just think it's funny that this rare thing was going to be the main converting factor
Im Ngamer (10:53:20 PM): imagine what can be done with Monkey Ball
Infil12 (10:53:26 PM): and... they converted, and then got nothing for it.
wheatrich (10:53:36 PM): even more annoying?
Infil12 (10:53:51 PM): to me, this is the DS++
Im Ngamer (10:53:51 PM): control wheat, control
Infil12 (10:53:52 PM): instead of drawing with a hand, you draw with your arm and with motion.
Infil12 (10:53:56 PM): that's not exciting to me.
Infil12 (10:54:17 PM): but maybe i'm no longer in nintendo's target audience. i don't know where they want to take this thing

Snap Enters the Discussion

Pikachelsea (1:35:05 AM): I don't know if this has already been discussed at length (forgive me if it has), but what do you think of the Rev controller unveiling? Or, do you? :)
Im Ngamer (1:35:14 AM): ha, was just about to ask
Im Ngamer (1:35:20 AM): Infil's very negative on it
Pikachelsea (1:35:29 AM): lol, Infil is the king of snap judgments
Im Ngamer (1:35:30 AM): I think it's got a great upside
Im Ngamer (1:35:42 AM): am pretty excited to see what they're able to do with it
wheatrich (1:35:45 AM): a great upside?
wheatrich (1:35:46 AM): oh no
wheatrich (1:35:52 AM): you've turned into QB
Pikachelsea (1:37:53 AM): So yeah, my impressions of the Rev controller came in several phases. Shock.... confusion.... skepticism..... curiosity... intrigue.... excitement and impatience for more news/demos
SnapDragonGC (1:37:57 AM): Hmm... sigh. Another gimmick for Nintendo.

Im Ngamer (1:38:10 AM): gimmick? oh no!
Pikachelsea (1:38:13 AM): Another? Do you find the DS to be a gimmick?
SnapDragonGC (1:38:18 AM): Yeah.
Im Ngamer (1:38:24 AM): a page from the Infil book
Pikachelsea (1:38:31 AM): I've rather enjoyed my four games for DS...
SnapDragonGC (1:38:32 AM): It's had some great games released for it ... but mostly DESPITE the touch controller.
Pikachelsea (1:39:08 AM): I haven't played a Kirby game since the original Dream Land for GB.... and Canvas Curse just had me hooked. I just wish it was longer. I think it used the touch screen so well.
Im Ngamer (1:39:10 AM): but don't you agree that virtual reality is the future of gaming?
SnapDragonGC (1:39:13 AM): I like my DS. It's just got way too high a ratio of, er, gimmick games.
wheatrich (1:39:22 AM): where is this revolution controller?
SnapDragonGC (1:39:24 AM): This isn't virtual reality...?
wheatrich (1:39:25 AM): I haven't seen it yet
Pikachelsea (1:39:27 AM):
SnapDragonGC (1:39:30 AM): This is just another laser gun. :)
wheatrich (1:39:31 AM): that explains why
octoinky (1:39:32 AM): I'm back!
dragondragon18 (1:39:32 AM): eventually it will be entirely mind driven
wheatrich (1:39:32 AM): ign
wheatrich (1:39:33 AM): lol
Pikachelsea (1:39:34 AM): The whole front page there = Rev info
octoinky (1:39:37 AM): omg snapdragon is in chat?!?
octoinky (1:39:39 AM): hey derek
dragondragon18 (1:39:41 AM): haha
SnapDragonGC (1:39:48 AM): Hi Octo.
SnapDragonGC (1:39:57 AM): Yeah, Ngamer dragged me in while I was checking in with Radix. Heh.
Pikachelsea (1:40:20 AM): It was funny how Infil freaked out upon first seeing it
Im Ngamer (1:40:30 AM): all the next-gens are wireless wheat
Pikachelsea (1:40:41 AM): I think it has great potential. I'm reserving final judgment until more games are shown, of course
wheatrich (1:40:59 AM): the controller wow...
Im Ngamer (1:41:00 AM): I don't think I can judge it until I get my hands on it opening day
Pikachelsea (1:41:01 AM): The one at TGS ran off batteries, but some articles say the final model may be rechargeable.
Pikachelsea (1:41:05 AM): Yeah.
wheatrich (1:41:08 AM): I already don't like it
dragondragon18 (1:41:11 AM): if i buy it, i'll wait to see if its a success
wheatrich (1:41:15 AM): *first impression anyway*
Im Ngamer (1:41:16 AM): yeah, I hope it's rechargeable
SnapDragonGC (1:41:25 AM): I dunno. The DS technology has underwhelmed me, and I was never excited at all about the Revolution. This just cements it.
Im Ngamer (1:41:26 AM): but wheat! you
octoinky (1:41:28 AM): man, it sucks saying bye to a million people in a day
Im Ngamer (1:41:32 AM): re the master of your TV remote
wheatrich (1:41:33 AM): I don't like the two part thing
Pikachelsea (1:41:36 AM): At first I thought it was a stupid remote...then I saw the attachments and thought "Thank God, you can add stuff on at least"
SnapDragonGC (1:41:36 AM): They're both going to get great games, though, which almost makes it worse. :)
dragondragon18 (1:41:45 AM): a million?
octoinky (1:41:50 AM): well
octoinky (1:41:50 AM): a lot
SnapDragonGC (1:41:53 AM): I don't want to add things on to a controller!
Pikachelsea (1:42:13 AM): Why not?
Im Ngamer (1:42:26 AM): well, you can add on the GC controller and just use that
Im Ngamer (1:42:43 AM): as long as that thing for the left hand comes standard
Im Ngamer (1:42:47 AM): I'm cool with it
Pikachelsea (1:42:52 AM): I'm sure it will
wheatrich (1:43:08 AM): another I have no idea thing from nintendo
Im Ngamer (1:44:22 AM): but Infil was saying it will never work for new Melee... I don't think it will be hard at all
Pikachelsea (1:44:23 AM): I have my doubts but I'm not writing it off yet. It's been encouraging to see some developers pledge their support for the Rev. And I'm sure Nintendo must have some kind of gameplan in terms of games that will take advantage of it
wheatrich (1:44:32 AM): definitely don't like that two part thing to that controller--oh well I won't be getting it right away so I can wait to see the reviews from people.
Im Ngamer (1:44:40 AM): still have your A, your B, your L, your R, your jump
Im Ngamer (1:44:53 AM): your control stick
SnapDragonGC (1:44:57 AM): It probably will work with the new Melee, in exactly the same way most decent games are released for the DS - ignoring the gimmick as much as possible.
Pikachelsea (1:45:20 AM): I was glad they didn't just do a controller rehash a la Sony/Microsoft.
Im Ngamer (1:45:37 AM): well, that's the thing, they promise a Revolution
Im Ngamer (1:45:43 AM): they rehash, and people get upset
Pikachelsea (1:45:47 AM): Kirby:CC used solely the "gimmick" for control, and it worked beautifully...
Im Ngamer (1:45:52 AM): they do something new, people get upset
SnapDragonGC (1:46:24 AM): Yeah, maybe I just have no imagination. :)
SnapDragonGC (1:46:47 AM): Kirby:CC is the sole good use of the DS controller; and it took Nintendo half a year to produce.
SnapDragonGC (1:47:07 AM): If the Revolution matches that record... it'll be disappointing.
Pikachelsea (1:47:33 AM): Well, I would hope they'll have something great at launch, considering the Rev will probably be the last of the three next-gen consoles to launch
Im Ngamer (1:48:22 AM): 360's coming in December, right? is that for sure now?
SnapDragonGC (1:48:25 AM): They didn't for DS, and they didn't for GC... so we'll see.
wheatrich (1:48:33 AM): doubt it
Pikachelsea (1:48:38 AM): November
SnapDragonGC (1:48:39 AM): I'll still get one, of course. :)
Pikachelsea (1:48:42 AM): They announced it at TGS
Im Ngamer (1:48:51 AM): ok
SnapDragonGC (1:48:53 AM): And I look forward to playing some kickass Nintendo games on it.
Pikachelsea (1:48:54 AM): Right around the corner.
wheatrich (1:48:57 AM): yeah they won't miss that thanksgiving weekend
SnapDragonGC (1:49:22 AM): But I think Nintendo's going to have to work hard to sell the system to other developers...
Pikachelsea (1:49:38 AM): I find it weird that Xbox 360 has two different versions... the lame version and the actual playable version
wheatrich (1:49:44 AM): marketing
wheatrich (1:49:50 AM): just so they can say it's 299
Pikachelsea (1:49:52 AM): Yep.
wheatrich (1:49:55 AM): even though it isn't
SnapDragonGC (1:50:01 AM): Ugh, yeah.
Im Ngamer (1:50:07 AM): Snap, you were upset about the lack of HDs in all 360s, right?
SnapDragonGC (1:50:07 AM): The HD was the best thing about the Xbox.
Pikachelsea (1:50:10 AM): "Starting at $299!!!"
Im Ngamer (1:50:10 AM): ha
wheatrich (1:50:17 AM): you just know those will sell as well
SnapDragonGC (1:50:22 AM): Now they're turning it into an "add-on", at least from any developers' standpoint.
Im Ngamer (1:50:23 AM): I'm almost TOO good
Pikachelsea (1:50:27 AM): *mom goes to stare* "Uh, sweety, this thing is over $350... *buys it anyway*
Pikachelsea (1:50:32 AM): *store
SnapDragonGC (1:50:33 AM): Yep Ngamer, you rock :D
SnapDragonGC (1:51:13 AM): So the PS3 is all hype, the Xbox 360 is crippled, and the Revolution is a gimmick. Wow, I've become an old fogey. :)
Im Ngamer (1:51:16 AM): has Sony announced a price yet?
wheatrich (1:51:16 AM): I remember the day when I couldn't get $20 for christmas
SnapDragonGC (1:51:19 AM): Time to quit gaming!
wheatrich (1:51:30 AM): kids now getting whole consoles...
Pikachelsea (1:51:39 AM): haha, awww
Pikachelsea (1:51:42 AM): Kids these days
octoinky (1:51:46 AM): haha
Pikachelsea (1:51:53 AM): Ngamer: Is scientific notation OK?
Im Ngamer (1:51:57 AM): ha
wheatrich (1:52:01 AM): I also walked barefoot in snow to get to school
Pikachelsea (1:52:07 AM): Don't forget to start that 2nd job so you can afford it
Im Ngamer (1:52:31 AM): I was going to ask if you walked barefoot through the snow all the way to Santa's workshop and back
Im Ngamer (1:52:36 AM): to pick up your $20
SnapDragonGC (1:52:51 AM): The PS3 press releases have been a constant source of amusement for the last few years...
wheatrich (1:52:55 AM): I didn't get 20
wheatrich (1:53:01 AM): ever
Pikachelsea (1:53:08 AM): Which is because they are the most beautiful thing in the world.
SnapDragonGC (1:53:17 AM): "Will connect to your TOASTER over the INTERNET and use its CELL TECHNOLOGY automatically!"
Pikachelsea (1:53:20 AM): ahahah
Pikachelsea (1:53:24 AM): FINALLY.
SnapDragonGC (1:53:39 AM): (sound of Sony engineer hanging self)
wheatrich (1:53:40 AM): wow the PS3 can make toast
Pikachelsea (1:53:55 AM): And I can now connect to the one other person in the world who also has an online-equipped toaster!
wheatrich (1:54:01 AM): there's a multi useful console
dragondragon18 (1:54:05 AM): mmmm toast
Pikachelsea (1:54:07 AM): No, seriously though, the 4-HDTV hook up is the best idea ever
SnapDragonGC (1:54:14 AM): That's right! Just hope that HE'S not connecting to YOUR toaster and sucking up its precious processing power.
Pikachelsea (1:54:28 AM): "You've got toast!"
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Initial Reaction (9/16/2005)
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2006, 10:59:00 AM »
ugh I didn't realize I chat that much.

Well--I did say I would take and do the old wait and see approach and it seems to have exceeded my expectations for it.  However, I'm still not getting one for at least a little while.  Pretty cool though to see chat logs from people who obviously aren't in chat or around the site much anymore.


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Initial Reaction (9/16/2005)
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2006, 02:31:00 PM »
My arms hurt from too much boxing. :x