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Community Code of Conduct
« on: February 19, 2013, 06:56:21 pm »
These are just some basic rules that need to be reiterated since some people are abusing them lately.

Multiple accounts and Proxies

- Alternate/multiple accounts created purely to troll other users in any forum other than FFA are not allowed and will be banned.  Repeated violations will result in you not being able to create new accounts.
- Using proxies to mask your IP address when posting on the forums is not allowed in light of the fact that a) it has been abused in the past and b) virtually no regular users use proxies for legitimate forum usage. Accounts that use proxies will be banned on sight.

Usernames, Avatars, Signatures, etc.

- Changing your username is allowed. However, you may NOT change to a username that is offensive or is intended to flame or troll other users. Breaking these rules will result in a suspension of name and profile editing privileges and likely a suspension of posting privileges.
- The same rules apply to avatars, signatures, etc.
- If you want to change your username or part of your profile and are not sure if it violates the rules, PM an admin and ask.

Reporting Posts

- Every post has a link that says "Report to Moderator".  If you feel a post outside of FFA needs to be reviewed by a moderator for explicit content or personal attacks, use that link.  Abuse of this link will result in a forum ban.

- If you do not wish to have FFA visible to your account to avoid any of the spam/trolls, let an administrator (myself, Ngamer, TheFlash) know and we can hide it for you.

All infractions are dealt with on a case by case basis by an administrator and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send any of us a Private Message through these forums.

Spam and Troll Posts

We have a forum specifically dedicated to useless posting.  Spam and troll posts include, but are not limited to: intentionally posting with the intent of starting arguments that are not beneficial to the forum, singling out one user with attacking and insulting posts, etc.

Please use the "Report to moderator" feature of the forum if you believe someone is consistently breaking these rules.

Deleting Rankings Videos/Taking Rankings Hostage:

- Deletion of videos on your rankings page or attempts to use the threat of deletion for a personal agenda will result in a two week ban from Discord and the forums
- A second offense or ban evasion during the first offense punishment will result in a two month ban
- A third offense or ban evasion during the second offense punishment will result in a permanent ban
- Bans at any point can be reconsidered by the moderation team and lifted when the mods deem it safe to do so
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