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TSFP Speedrunwiki
« on: June 26, 2007, 03:32:00 pm »
I finally got around to getting a page for TSFP set up on SpeedRunWiki.

So far I have basic information and differences between systems and between PAL/NTSC.  

I haven't added any strats for any of the stages, nor do I even have an example for the format they should follow.  Obviously challenges and arcade should mirror those of TS2, but story mode could be done a couple ways.  Should we have sections for each difficulty with three strats per stage, or should we just have one strat for each stage and note differences between difficulties where needed?

I'm leaning toward the second option since the strats for each difficulty are usually very similar or exactly the same for most stages.

We also need to get pictures of each stage up, and a title pic of the game.

Just letting you guys know so that I'm not the only one trying to work on this.