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Bunker Vs Fairway Analysis
« on: January 25, 2015, 07:02:01 pm »
Last night, I spent a lot of time debating whether it's better (in terms of speed and consistency) to hit the bunker or the fairway on the first shot of Mario Star 14 given different wind scenarios.  I thought it would be better to hit the bunker.  Obviously, hitting the bunker eliminates roll time, but it might be harder to hit a second shot on the green.  I currently hit the bunker on Yoshi Island 1 because I got pretty consistent at hitting the green on the second shot, so I figured that might be a possibility for Mario Star 14 and many others in the game. I figured the lack of roll time saved a few seconds, but I never really put it to the test, until now.  I recorded a series of videos testing my theory.  I tested and recorded two extremes of wind (21m backwind and 21m facewind), hitting the bunker and fairway, and getting a par/birdie in each of those cases, for a total of 8 different possibilities.  These videos are average-case scenarios that might happen in a run (because it is impossible in a run to get frame-perfect holes).  This principle can be applied to any course with a bunker in range of your first shot, but I felt this course was easiest to test and it was the first hole I was curious about.

Here are those videos.  I recorded these in practice mode, with the first frame of each video being the first frame after the menu disappears when hitting "Start Over" and the last frame being the last frame before the menu appears to continue or mulligan the last shot.  The white timer is a timer from that moment on, while the green timer is a timer from the start of the first shot, and the red timer times the roll time of the first shot (timer starts on the first frame the ball hits the ground and ends the first frame the shot info dialog box begins to appear).  This should should be the primary difference between fairway and bunker strats. The red timer only appears on the fairway videos since the bunker has 0 frames of roll time using this way of measuring. I fast-forwarded for every roll in the fairway, but measured in real time (a la All Courses).  Each little snippet of information refers to the video above it.  Here is a link to watch all 8 videos simultaneously:

- 21m face fairway birdie

- 21m face bunker birdie
NOTE: this only has a green timer because I accidentally cropped the video from the start of the shot instead of the first frame after the menu. I'll remake it if people find that I need to.

- 21m face fairway par

- 21m face bunker par

- 21m back fairway birdie

- 21m back bunker birdie
NOTE: surprisingly, it wasn't as hard as it looks to get the second shot to bounce from the fairway onto the green

- 21m back fairway par

- 21m back bunker par

BONUS: driving the green (extremely inconsistent even with god wind and totally not worth it)

So it looks like, given similar circumstances, bunker strats are roughly 3-5 seconds faster than their fairway counterparts.  If this idea can be applied to other holes, should we start looking to hit the bunker?  Also, for speed golf, the roll times will be more punishable since the timer in speed golf speeds up when *when rolls are being fast-forwarded*.
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