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Path of Exile
« on: November 17, 2015, 09:56:49 am »
Looking for eliters who do or want to play this amazing (true Free-2-Play) game. It's Diablo 2 on steroids, with a ton of grinding and sanctioned speedruns (via the Racing leagues).

Right now it's me (Cyclone Marauder) and Birdie(Ground Slam Templar) playing on Standard (NOT Darkshrine): we even have a guild! One guild stash tab atm & got the ELITER chat tag.

New talisman league is out in ~25 days, so should be fun for returning/new players to prepare for.

If anyone is interested in starting, I can 'tutor' you via skype/in-game chat: it's a pretty complicated game when you first play but the more you grind the insane it gets.

PS: If any old players quit due to the desync: its fixed now (at least when connected to a low ms server) due to the new 'lockstep' setting.

Add me in-game: Ogran; I think the grind mentality with GE/PD transfers over very nicely.
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