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Case for Game Boy characters
« on: April 25, 2016, 11:02:51 am »
Some quick facts:
You can transfer up to four characters from Mario Golf GBC (3 if you have only one gamepak)
Any xp earned as that character gets sent back to game boy, making Mario golf n64 the best place to grind and level up in bulk later.
Levelling up has a few options, but picking any one makes the others worse (drive does not decrease):

Draw/Fade: if left untouched, gets to four bars.
Height: if left untouched, gets insanely high, carrying a super high learning curve and making frame-off drives with high wind highly unpredictable. I believe my good character has an issue with this being too low, which is great for most cases except dealing with steep inclines.
Meet Area & Control: I usually pitch a few levels here but don't quite understand it. Meet Area is useful though.
Drive: each character starts around 200 yards. My best all around character is around 230, and my best out-of-control, future albatross machine character is around 315 (345 with p-club). Drive updates about 2-3 yards per level early on, but now is getting to the point where it updates 1 yd every 1-3 levels.

The issue with levelling is that going for drive most of the time makes bringing other stats to normal levels starts becoming a waste of time. You end up with an average golf character. When you do put all effort into have a very powerful, very difficult character. I recently missed an Albatross Putt with mine. Missed because you can't save and quit and try again. Everything must be done right.

So my case: separate leaderboards for the transfer pak. The device itself is pretty rare from what I've heard. It isn't fair to allow game boy characters to run with metal Mario because they can out drive him. 100% carries with it a speed/save trade off: using a stronger GBC character might be faster but one slip could ruin the run. Use a normal character that can save and quit and be fine. Mastery of GBC characters would make speed golf faster for the right player. Lots of eagle and albatross opportunities with holes-in-one possible on almost every hole.

Pixels was against the idea the first time I pitched it but then I meant let GBC run as part of the normal boards. The boards would have to be separate, and they can add a lot of fun/challenge to the game.

When using the Transferred characters, you are unable to save and quit. Only quit is available.
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Re: Case for Game Boy characters
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2016, 08:41:15 pm »
It would be interesting to have a separate category/leaderboard for Kid/Sherry/Azalea/Joe, since they are ├╝ber-tier characters at max level and with the Distance club (Even the Control club would be potentially useful).  There could be a sweet-spot distribution that makes them worth using (especially depending on the choice between Distance and Control).  Heck, if you're bold, using Joe with a maxed-out draw, fade shots, and intentionally early mishits might be manageable (but you'd be aiming way left and essentially pushing the ball low and straight right).

I do agree that a separate leaderboard and/or categories would be needed.  Maybe labels the categories with "GBC Characters", "Transfer Pak", "Anything Goes", or whatever would be agreed on.

Another potential problem is accessibility.  Extra hardware and gameplay is required to be able to utilize one of these characters.

Otherwise, I see no problems with a separate leaderboard system for GBC characters.  Heck, we might discover that a well-played Metal Mario still ends up being faster because of his superior trajectory control (which is lacking for GBC characters).  I've noticed in my experience that longer (and especially higher) shots do take extra time if they're not landing on the Greens.  But being able to threaten Albatross putts on Par 5s IS very lucrative.  Talk it over with vtor67 and IAmButPixels because they are the "leaders" of the community, so to speak.

I'm considering the same options for Advance Tour characters in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, but again, I'm stuck with the logistics.
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Re: Case for Game Boy characters
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2016, 11:56:09 pm »
Notes to anyone interested in using a GB character:

Kid and maybe Sherry are the best choices since they won't need as many levels to control their MA/Control and Height stats.

The best spread I have so far for a Level 99 Kid character is 315y Drive (49 upgrades); -4 Height (34 upgrades); -3 Meet Area/Control (15 upgrades); and the Distance Club.  You might be more successful with a 317-318y Drive and -3 Height in some situations (such as TH 10, KP 3, YI 2/4/5/6/13/17, BV 9), but having -4 Height is excellent for short shots and most other holes.  Allowing the Draw/Fade to max out is fine and takes far too many upgrades to correct.  Sacrificing Height for Distance beyond -3 Height is probably not the best idea since the wind becomes a far greater factor.
I used some of the upgrades to keep Meet Area/Control at -3 because if you ignore this stat and let it hit -4, you'll be forced to club up with almost every drive.  You have the single-frame sweet spot for every club past the 7-iron regardless of Lie (and often it's even worse), and the game will not give you a club beyond this by default, so you have to waste time clubbing up on every Par 4 and 5 (and some Par 3s, too).  And if you screw up the timing, you're probably going OB.  It is absolutely worth sacrificing some Drive to prevent this from happening.

Most Par 4s can be attacked in two shots by learning how to use opposite-side spin to increase distance and reduce the curve of the ball, similar to with Metal Mario.  Some Par 5s can even be threatened with Albatross opportunities if you get a strong tailwind.  Par 3s can be challenging because of how much the shot curves.

Based on my testing, you can play faster with a fully-buffed GB character than Metal Mario, but it takes a lot of practice to get the aim and distance control down.  Power is not everything, and as always, putting is an underrated consideration.  Taking an extra half to full second to aim your shot better and land closer to the hole is absolutely worth the investment since long putts, especially if you miss, take quite a bit of time.
You might be getting better, but nobody cheats like Waluigi!  Got that?