Author Topic: Ask any random games related questions here!  (Read 371 times)


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Ask any random games related questions here!
« on: October 10, 2017, 10:37:40 am »
Not sure if there was a topic for this, so I've created it, because I have a question.

Back in 2005-2007, there was an Eliter (Christian Fengler, aka 'PDM') who got some really insane times on Perfect Dark Zero. He did actually record some of his times on the game, and I'd really like to watch the videos. Unfortunately, the videos don't seem to exist on internet anymore. I've found this on the Internet Archive, but the links don't work. I've also read every PDZ post I've found from both here and the German gaming forums, and nothing. I've also asked some of the people who were active at the game back then, and they don't remember the strats at all. However, I know that some Eliters (some nowadays active Eliters in fact) did watch his videos. Did someone by a chance download/save his PDZ videos? Please, I really want to watch them.
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