Author Topic: "leaks" from a microsoft database contain chatter about a new Perfect Dark  (Read 334 times)


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Basically, someone found out that certain private Microsoft databases could (still) be accessed with the Xbox Live API SDK.  He then (reluctantly?) made a follow up post to publish some of those database entries that talked about future games

The key leak is of course this line :
I would love to play around with Ms. Dark again. The Coalition should definitely help if it’s a 3rd person game. I mean ... Not them alone obviously.

The Coalition is the developer of Gears of War 4 (formerly known as Black Tusk studios).  They were given control of Gears once Microsoft bought the franchise.

It's certainly very interesting to think about a modern Perfect Dark.  I can already imagine a million reservations I might have, but hey I really would love for the series to attract an audience have a stable presence for once.

As for the leak itself, I think it is stretch to call it a "rumor" or "report" like many articles are doing.  It's not clear what the heck those database entries are or who wrote them, some people are calling them an internal "wishlist". 
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