Author Topic: Proof Policy Need an Update?  (Read 194 times)

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Proof Policy Need an Update?
« on: February 27, 2018, 10:59:23 pm »
Do we want to make any updates to the proof policy for the new site?

Current policy:
Right now it basically requires all untied world records to have video proof, makes exceptions for the easy stages, and grandfathers in old scores.  There's also some guidelines for each game and a section that makes it clear that we can rollback and lock score pages if someone deletes all of their scores in anger/protest.

I'm planning on just getting rid of the intro section, and toning down the "Former Liars" section and adding a couple of other sections related to some surprises I won't reveal until launch.  I'll probably also add a section detailing what is considered cheating (similar to GE and PD).

Do we want to look at requiring videos for non-WR scores?  90+ points or 80+ points.
Do we want a minimum video quality standard?
Anything else I may be missing?