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The GE Player's Guide to PD (2018 League Edition)
« on: May 20, 2018, 08:38:24 pm »

With another fantasy league around the corner, we'll likely be seeing another gold rush of Goldeneye players looking to Perfect Dark for easy points. While the two games are fairly similar in many ways, Perfect Dark is a lot more technical and complicated, giving it a much higher barrier to entry. In this thread, I'll be listing various videos, tutorials, and other tips to help newcomers learn the game and score some decent times.

Generally speaking, Perfect Dark requires significantly higher Gamer IQ™ than Goldeneye, and if you don't know what you're doing or are a bit of a dumdum, you'll find yourself struggling a lot in the game. The game has a higher skill floor (and ceiling), but if you're solid, have good movement, and are a good researcher, the points are comparatively much easier than Goldeneye. I'd say top 30 is the point where Perfect Dark point rankings become a lot more relevant. For the league, this means major potential to gain for your team.

I highly recommend playing, learning, and studying Perfect Dark before the league actually starts, or else you'll have to dedicate many hours before you're capable of gaining points. It's a super fun casual game too, Perfect Agent playthroughs are a good challenge, and there's a very high amount of freedom and features.

If you need general help with completing the game to unlock all the levels, I suggest borrowing ideas from my DLTK Tutorials.


-Doors, switches, consoles, and everything else is activated by the B button being released, and not pressed. The reason for this is holding B button is what changes your weapon function. You can in fact run up to a door, stand and hold B, and it won't open. Your window of when you're able to release B while holding it is up to the point before it changes function, so you can "charge" your door openings, switch activations, and so forth. Get comfortable with this or else you'll either be missing your presses or you'll lose several seconds by pancaking doors.

-You can't hold strafe at the beginning of a level, but once you press a button to end the cutscene, you can then buffer them. You can just press A and quickly hit C-buttons, but some players like to do a double C-button tap.

-2.X doesn't have the benefits that it does like in Goldeneye.

-Quickdrawing is the technique where you can select a nearly drawn out weapon from the pause menu to draw it out faster. The first moment you're able to quickdraw a weapon is when you see the cyan flash in your ammo counter. I highly recommend achieving Duel Agent 0:03 because you cannot get it without quickdrawing, and it's an excellent way to learn the trick.

-Switching to and from the same weapon is a faster way to reload for many weapons.

-When you initially begin to switch weapons, you enter a switching cycle, where you can then rapidly switch weapons. Cycling through is faster than just switching, which is helpful for when you need to immediately use a new weapon you're about to pick up, such as the Remote Mine on Chicago A, or the Devastator on Defense.

-Bumping into any pushable object will make you lose full speed. These include tables, couches, plants, dumpsters, hoverbike/crate/bed, and other objects. For example, when you run through the living room in Villa, dodge the couch or else you'll have to rebuild full speed.

-You can hold B to swap your gun function, or press B+Z to immediately fire with the other function. I recommend starting your sessions with changing the gun functions to what you'll be using. The quickest way to do this is by entering the firing range. You can also change the Unarmed function from Punch to Disarm, even if you're not allowed to attack in Carrington Institute.

-Patrolling guards can perform idle animations, where they'll stop in place, animate, and continue on their way. This is why you'll occasionally find guards in different places, or how you're able to run past them right in their faces.

-Guards are more complex, and are able to melee attack, surrender, have their guns jam, alert other guards, and a wide variety of other actions. Most of them are random.

-Version differences are a fair bit stronger in Perfect Dark. PAL is generally much worse than NTSC, and it's believed that Jap is best for most levels because of lag reduction. However, certain levels are absolutely better with different versions, such as Deep Sea A/SA on PAL, Infiltration PA on Jap, and a mix depending on your pace for SOS A. I'll cover these details, but generally speaking, use Jap.

-Decimal rounding at the end of the level is due to the on-screen timer stopping 1 frame before the actual timer, so it would appear that your completion time will "round-up". This is entirely based on lag, and is different on every level. See this video for an extreme demonstration.

-Speech skipping is the technique where you pause at the correct time so a speech will be played out in the pause menu, saving time. Speech skips are generally easier to hit when there's more lag. Not all speeches are effective when skipped, because the NPC may still wait and animate as if they're still talking. There's no general rule for them, and what speeches can be skipped are different case by case. Some are audible in the pause menu when performed correctly ("Without the autopilot..." on Pelagic 2), some are never audible in the pause menu (Defection PA Programmer), and some can be either or ("This is a recording..." on AFO).

-Lag in general is a lot more stable, and you aren't required to use lookdown in most places in the game. For warping, you generally need to create a stronger spike because of this.

-Camspy/Bombspy/Drugspy can be deployed in a single frame by pressing and holding Start and the desired C-buttons after you select the item. The distance is shorter, but because you don't have to spend time releasing it, it saves time in almost every level compared to the normal method.

-If you stand under a staircase and then use a Spy item or the Slayer's Fly-By-Wire, you can warp upwards on top of it.

-There is no hit invincibility in this game. If you're getting drilled by K7 guards, your health will go from full to empty within a second.

-Many switches/consoles/etc in the game are on/off, while others just go on. Learn which ones are mashable.

-Sliding doors that go from right-to-left can be blocked if you stand against them. Because of this, always stick to the right side when you're exiting a lift.

-When doing vertical throws, such as the Remote Mine on Crash Site, Modem throw on Infiltration, or Laptop throw on Villa PA, quickly perform a double crouch, begin to throw the item, then perform a double uncrouch. If you do this in a swift motion, it'll create a large window of frames to throw the object, meaning you'll get the higher throw ~100% of the time.

-Agent levels are generally about going fast, while PA levels are about good survival tactics. Build up your OCJ (slightly different than OCB), and get comfy with your aim and dodging for guards.

-All levels with events from a previous level are a single check and can be done on any difficulty and with cheats on even. Some events include having the Hoverbike on Crash Site, your starting position on AFO, or which door explodes on G5. When you want to change the event, I recommend quickly beating the corresponding level on Agent with all the helpful cheats.

-When studying levels, watch a handful of videos, so you can learn what to expect, and what was just a happening in that person's particular run. Most levels are very create-a-strat, and you'll see that different players go through levels with their own styles and methodologies. If you don't do your research, you'll almost certainly find yourself doing something wrong. Ask questions if you have them!


Defection A
0:06 is cake and everyone should go for it. Here's my guide on it, which includes everything you need to know. I recommend using the door strat over the double crouch strat. If you're keen and particularly talented at the level, you can try for 0:05 as it's a decent boost in points, you gain a WR bonus for the league, and you'll be knocking a point off dozens of players.

Defection SA
Modern strat guide. I highly recommend going for it as it's easy and the new strat makes points easy to gain. Make sure you use a single crouch when you're in the pipe section for the best mobility. For the warp, wedge yourself into the corner and you should pop through every time. If you find yourself struggling with some of the strats, you can try it Otto style or Axel style as mentioned in the guide. MW is the guy to ask for any questions. Boss's EZ point strat.

Defection PA
The level is very slow in real-time and pretty boring to play, while you also have to do some technical tricks and clutch the ending. I'd suggest skipping it for the league. If you're interested, here's Karl's tutorial detailing everything. The RTA strategy is a decent alternative as seen in Mouser's 1:24, and my 1:26. Boss's strats are far too complicated for newbies. The glass landing for the programmer is a lot more lenient than it appears. For clipping back into the building, make sure you don't go too fast or you won't load it properly. The programmer can sometimes see you from below if you're too slow, even if you're part way up the staircase towards the helipad.

Investigation A
Laser skipping guide. Go for the single laser skip strat, and if you're keen, try for the double. Laser skips are easier to perform with low lag, so try to kill the four guards before the hallway. Don't bother with the bot strat. I strongly recommend this level for the league.

Investigation SA
Triple laser skipping and waiting for the bot both suck. Cheap points are easy up to around 2:15, but then you get severely diminishing returns. Wodahs' 2:08 and my 2:12 are good modern template to work with. A lot of people are mythy with how the bot works, so perform whatever ritual seems to work best for you. You want the bot as fast as possible, with you also being able to get through the lasers in time.

Investigation PA
Stick with the easy route for easy points. You'll need good survival tactics to get through without dying. When approaching the large door before the 3rd item, aim for the sides instead of the middle so it opens earlier. Boss's EZ point strat.

Extraction A
Basic OCJ level that is easy to learn and is good for points. Dr. Caroll may randomly die, but it helps to shoot the two guards near the lifts as you're riding up them. When running up staircases, use a mix of strafing and C-uping for the fastest movement. Green's 0:48.

Extraction SA
Use the normal strat as the door warp strat requires top-level movement. Pause buffering with the Shotgun can help for a few kills on the bodyguards. My 1:31 is pretty basic. Decent level for the league if you have good OCJ. Boss's EZ point strat.

Extraction PA
Skip the door warp strat and the lift call strats, and just play it similar to SA. My 1:43 is a decent template, but I suggest watching a variety of runs for this level. Make sure your ammo doesn't get too low for the ending. I'd argue putting this level on low priority. Boss's EZ point strat.

Villa A
Cedric's 1:06 and Marc's 1:06 are good to watch. The level is super basic and is good for developing OCJ. The pair of switches in the basement are on/off so be careful not to deactivate them. You can do a few different strafing approaches towards them depending on how skillful you are and how consistent you want to be. For the shock troopers in the basement, I recommend taking them safely as you need to kill all of them, and yoloing them will fail a lot of your runs. Only go for faster kills once you're better.

Villa SA
Karl's 1:15. If you struggle with some of the sniper kills, approach them with C-up instead of in strafe. Guards are tougher, so take the shock troopers even more carefully so you don't miss killing any. I recommend Villa SA for the league if you find Villa A fun and easy.

Villa PA
Ace's 1:28. Obviously don't go as yolo as he did, but it shows you where to go and what to do. Take the right-side route at the start as seen in Clemens' 1:22, to kill the first sniper for more consistency. The Laptop throw is a little tricky, but it failing is usually because of it running out of ammo, so make sure to Disarm enough guards before tossing it. Skip the dishwasher warp since it's clunky, difficult, and leaves you with little ammo for the end. This level may be a bit too demanding for newbies, but is overall pretty simple.

Chicago A
0:15/0:16 guide. Very easy points and one of the simplest levels. Absolutely play it for the league.

Chicago SA
My 0:26. The Bombspy gets randomly thrown around, so you won't always get it, and you'll also experience a large lag spike when you pick it up. Push the dumpster so it's at an angle from the corner for the best chance of it getting destroyed. When you run past the catwalk section, take the corner tightly so the guards in the back won't see you. If they do, they'll all hunt you down, creating lag, getting in the way for the mine throw, and possibly killing you. Make sure to keep the Remote Mine loaded until it lands on the door. Good league level.

Chicago PA
My 0:27. Basically the same as SA, except you also have to do the Tracer Bug throw. Make sure you have the bug on-screen during the throw or it will unload. Somewhat complicated of a level, but good points to be gained.

G5 A
Learn the positions and movement patterns of the cloaked guards to be able to kill them all quickly. If you're playing well and with good understanding, you should be able to blast them all nearly every run. There's one alarm guard before the stairs, and two alarm guards after the Camspy drop-off. I suggest killing them for consistency. When walking along the catwalks, do a single crouch and aim for the right of the blue path for the low-ceiling sections, instead of needing to double crouch. You can use Karl's strat with the Camspy, which is repeatedly doing the 1-frame trick in order to essentially move it without any cost in time, just make sure it doesn't go too far and pre-maturely starts the special cutscene. Karl's 0:34 and my 0:38 will give you a sense of two different paces with modern strats. I suggest watching Clemens' old strat 0:36 for a more general idea of how the level works as well. For the Camspy trick for warping up the stairs, you don't need to raise it to reclaim it, as it's treated to have infinite height in terms of pick-up. Overall, the level is complicated and technical, but decent for points. Boss's EZ point strat.

Essentially the same as Agent, but requires de-activating switches (that are on/off so don't mash), has an extra alarm guard by the bottom of the stairs, and the ending requires you to detonate the mine. Guards being tougher and ammo being more scarce makes it quite a bit harder. The ending will usually have guards blocking you, so anticipate them. Clemens' 0:38 is pretty easy to understand overall, but you can watch many other runs for more of a general idea. If you're good at Agent, try this level too.

Mostly the same as SA, except there are more alarm guards, and you have to run into the basement too. Ammo is even tighter, so be careful with your bursts. You can use pause buffering if you find the 2nd cloak guard room to be too difficult, like in my 1:03. If you're noisy in the basement, you'll lure out a guard from the stairs, who will alert alarm guards, so be cautious of that. The points here are either free or impossible, depending on good you are at G5 as a whole. Check out Clemens' 0:49.

Infiltration A
Basic level and great for learning Perfect Dark. I suggest using the cutscene timing when you're learning so that the final lift will always be open as you arrive. Be careful of your line towards the lift switch so you don't get double backed by the drone (you'll always get a single back). On exit for the Explosives room, always face the door after the first corner to load the area and prevent spawn guards from blocking the ladder. I suggest ignoring the self-boosts via explosions until you're pacing at least 1:13. I highly recommend Clemens' 1:10 for learning from. If you can pace 1:12 or faster, cut the cutscene immediately. Don't use Jap as the guards can't open the final door immediately. This goes for all of Infiltration.

Infiltration SA
Because the keycard guard won't approach the Explosives area until enough time has passed, there's no getting around watching an obscene amount of cutscenes. Calling the lift and then catching it after going down through the Explosives area is very tight and laggy, so I suggest calling the lift after when you're first learning the level. I don't really recommend the level for the league, but it is easy points. If you want to learn at a quicker rate, try playing with cutting the cutscene to get comfortable with the level, then start playing it properly. Ace's 1:28. Boss's EZ point strat.

Infiltration PA
Because of the survivability issues, I recommend only playing this on Jap where you can get an extra Shield. Watch a variety of top-level runs and pick out strategies that work for you. Focus on surviving runs, then focus on going faster. Use lookdown when entering the Modem area to keep the drone from firing at you.

Rescue A
Warp the first lift, then take the second lift safely. Mash B when calling down the second lift so guards don't call it. The scientist is random with how fast he is, and becomes quite rare to get a fast pace as you improve, similar to hostages on Frigate. The points are pretty easy and the level is basic, so it's still good for the league. When switching weapons to toss the Dragon, first switch to the Falcon 2, then the Dragon, or else you'll go to Unarmed when you toss the Dragon. I suggest killing the guards around the 2nd lift to reduce lag, despite that they can potentially open a door for you. Keycards go flying so get used to it. Ace's 1:24

Rescue SA
Very good OCJ level, and pretty straight-forward to play. Ignore the new strat as it's inconsistent and difficult. For the X-Ray objective, you can deactivate it once it says "Scanning Target Acquired". When pause buffering, you can leave the X-Ray room once the timer fades out. Ace's 2:16.

Rescue PA
Skip the SA strat and the Disarm strat, and stick with older strats. The level is overall pretty simple, but can be hard to survive it. It's decent points though and not too tight. For the final room, always kill just the back-right guard and no others, or you may despawn the keycard needed to reach the end. The Disguise is randomly in one of the ten shelves, so ideally you get it in the closest one. Swiss's 2:51.

Escape A
Because of the length of the level, annoying NPCs, and requiring a decent time for points, I suggest not playing this for the league. If you do, keep Jon in view when going back to the explosives wall. Biotechs can KO Jon quickly with their Tranqs, so be sure to kill them. Both Jon and Elvis can be slow by getting distracted by guards or nothing at all. Skip the Shield strat. For the ending console presses. Hit the first one twice so it fails once, then (hopefully) Jon triggers them to activate, and the second press will activate it while you're already headed to the second console. Be careful not to do the double tap too early, or you won't activate the first console. Swiss 2:25.

Escape SA/PA
Probably the two worst levels for the league if you're new to Perfect Dark. If you're capable of getting decent points on them, you'll certainly be capable of doing so on your own without needing to be told everything step-by-step. That said, if you have questions, just contact a good PD player.

Air Base A
Use the old laser grid strat as it's significantly easier than the new one. The stewardess will randomly be ahead or behind, so you have to restart until she's further in the cave. Make sure you approach the receptionist head on so she speaks fast. Click the door with the Drugspy to have it open when you arrive. When manuevering the laser grid, try to keep full speed. My 1:16 is modern and basic to learn from.

Air Base SA
Jam the Drugspy deep into the corner of the lift to block the door from closing. When you turn the corner on the way back, do a 1-frame trick with C-down as well to have the door start closing early. Everything else is straight-forward and the same as Agent essentially. My 1:46 is likewise modern and also basic.

Air Base PA
One of the hardest levels to survive, but not too tight to get decent points, and just builds off of Agent and SA. For the start, keep your movement tight in and out of the lift since there's an extra guard who can see you and fail the mission. Mash B for the safe button. Skip calling the final lift since you require to be quick to make it that way. The rest is easy to figure out. Boss's 2:05. Boss's EZ point strat.

Air Force One A/SA/PA
Massive detailed guide here for everything. The only new tech is the delayed speech skip as seen in Karl's untieds. I'd suggest not doing that, full speed pushes on Agent/SA, or the basement boost on PA. They're all good levels for easy points because of all the new tech.

Crash Site A/SA
Hitting the beacon while on the Hoverbike requires a specific angle and position. Try to aim for the red splotch on the beacon for a consistent activation. Moving with the Hoverbike is very slidey, so get used to its physics. When dismounting it, make sure there's enough space ahead and you don't clip any walls, or else you'll hop off with it flying ahead and blocking you. The mine throw is easy, but practice your aim before doing real runs. The President is super random with how quick he moves to each segment, and whether he sprints or jogs, so be prepared for the lottery. Decent points are easy, but better times become a real grind. Karl's 1:14 and Cedric's 1:26.

Crash Site PA
Lots of new strategies have been developed here, which allow for very easy points. I suggest using my run as a template, minus doing a running mine throw for the clone. For disarming Trent, toss the mine, switch to Disarm, then explode the mine while you're still putting away the detonator. Pull the President down the new route instead of around the rock, as you'll be able to see where he is and decide how risky you want to be with him. Learn the line he crosses before he decides to run to the UFO. Practice the LX shot before doing real runs as it's pretty precise. Aim under the legs of the drone gun for best results. I highly recommend trying this for the league.

Pelagic 2 A
The new route helps for easy points, which is essentially just nailing a tight warp. Carefully aim the Laptop throw so the alarm doesn't get pulled, spawn a ton of extra guards, and cause massive lag. Make sure to hit the speech skips, as missing them can cost a large amount of time. Sometimes the scientists won't properly complete their objective, or do so very slowly, so you may need to grind out runs. Boss's 0:38 is a good template, but definitely use X-Ray for the power switch room instead of grinding a good set blindly. Tyler also has a decent tutorial for the level.

Pelagic 2 SA/PA
Very high OCJ required, so I don't think it's great for PD newbies. Make sure to kill all the alarm guards, and aim the NBombs correctly to wipe out guards in the floors below. Try not to kill every single guard on the way to Elvis for a chance of them opening doors for you. On PA, focus on survival first, then speed, as it's a very unforgiving level. Ace's 1:37 and 1:54.

Deep Sea A/SA
If you don't have PAL, don't play these levels at all. If you do, these are some of the easiest points available. Elvis is random with how fast he is, and you'll usually need to grind runs until he's fast enough. If you have limited access to PAL or want skill consistency, you can pause buffer kill the guards up until the point when Elvis activates the teleporters, but this is slower and doesn't help Elvis's consistency. Make sure the first guard in the green tunnels doesn't get alerted or he'll spawn several guards. The Farsight shots require aiming precisely, so practice them first. Always use Fullscreen for the Farsight to zoom far enough. For Agent, you need to aim at both cannisters manually, but SA will slide to the second one after the first. Pray for some door luck with guards opening them. You can mostly copy/paste from Jezz's 2:25 and Karl's 2:55, but you won't be able to keep up with how yolo they are for guard kills, so take them safer. For the Farsight shots on Agent, use the older, standing-still method, instead of running an extra bit in between shots.

Deep Sea PA
Long and nasty level, so I don't recommend playing it for the league. Like with Escape, if you're capable of earning points here, you're capable of teaching yourself the level. Jezz's 3:02 is perfect and modern to learn from.

Defense A/SA/PA
Massive guide with everything you need to know. This level has been entirely broken, so definitely play it for the league. There are a wide variety of strats you can use for all skill levels.

Attack Ship A
Play on PAL or Jap if you can for consistent Elvis. Pause buffer the start if it helps you with the shield switches. For the hanger, you need to kill 4 Skedar, but they will spawn slowly if they do a flopping death animation. When running along the upper area, kill all the Skedar so Elvis doesn't get distracted. Pause buffer kill the bridge trio and the spawning Skedar at the end. Adjust your opening cutscene based on the lift cycles for your pace. I don't really recommend the level for the league. Boss's 2:08.

Attack Ship SA
Basically the same as Agent, but tougher Skedar, you need to kill more in the hangar, and you have to do an extra objective. Playing this on NTSC isn't as bad as PAL, but you still don't get Elvis completions all that often. Take the Skedar up to the star maps slower to help give Elvis enough time. He can also randomly die, so have fun with that. Not recommended for the league. Green's 2:33, and my 2:43 for different lift paces, though you'll likely require a slower one.

Attack Ship PA
While the other two difficulties are tight to get decent points for, Attack Ship PA is one of those brutal survival levels that's easy to score points if you manage a completion. If you have good defensive skills, definitely play this, otherwise skip it. Take your time with your charged Mauler shots as ammo is tight and auto-aim is weak. If you're on NTSC, run into the back-left corner of the star map room to get Elvis to complete consistently. My 3:38 for easy pace and an easy lift cycle.

Ruins A
There are five pillars, of which three will be special ones. The running throws can be hard to hit, so I suggest using the easiest pillar set. Learn the Devastator boost to hop over the bridge for a nice timesaver. Learn how to get the double break in the boss fight by aiming the Callisto shots through two at the same time. I recommend the Mauler pausing strat and using the ammo counter to let you know when you have enough charge. My 1:12 is very noob-friendly and good to study from when you're first learning the level.

Ruins SA/PA
Basically the same as Agent, except you also need to sacrifice a weapon, and blow up the army on PA. For the bridge hop, make sure you're in full speed, and then just learn the angle and R-lean timing. It's much easier than it looks. The Skedar punching strategy is complicated, but saves a ton of time. For survivability, peek out of the corner instead of rushing him, punch him over the edge, then jump on his head. Double crouch, and do an R-lean towards the sacrifice table, then mash B to sacrifice the Falcon 2. Definitely practice this before real runs. For the boss fight, skip doing the second double break, as it's quite tight to perform, and just go for the easy double break, then chip away at the boss and other pillars. Because the boss fight is longer, you may have him cloak and run around on the floor, which loses a ton of time and with nothing to do about it. It's also recommended to give him an extra hit or two after he gets weakened or else he can do an instant recovery. The levels are complicated and messy, but are easy points, so it's up to you if you want to play them. Take Boss's 1:13 and 1:21, except do the easiest pillar set, and do an easier boss fight.

Massive guide here. This level is very simple and worth a huge pile of easy points, so absolutely play it for the league. Stick with the Icy strat.

Maian SOS A
Guide here. Only play this if you have PAL or are a top-level player in GE.

Maian SOS SA
Karl's tutorial here. The level is pretty formulaic, but a tiny bit complex. You should be able to get decent points with a decent bed explosion and good lifts. Make sure to quickdraw the Falcon 2 back when reloading for the lure, so that the noise factor carries on for the following bullets.

Maian SOS PA
You can use the SA strat, but ammo and lift cycles are tight with it, so I suggest just using the normal strat. This is one of the hardest levels in the game to survive, but points are cake if you do. My 2:16 is a good template. Boss's EZ point strat.

War A
Very basic level and lots of easy points here since it's hard enough to unlock for newbies. When self-boosting, make sure you're not only looking all the way down, but also pushing your cursor all the way downward too. 0:27 is peanuts, but you'll have to work for 0:26 if you want those extra points. My 0:27 uses very few self-boosts.

My new open door strategy makes pacing high-level times easy, but is tight to use for newbies, and is also semi-capped in speed for top-level play, so I recommend just using normal strats. You'll need some door luck, but you can ignore self-boosting. For SA, you can go for the QB shot and fire at the 2nd King from outside his room, but I suggest just rushing in. Karl's 0:44 and 0:52.


Hopefully this is plenty of information and resources to get yourself started for any level! As said, I highly suggest studying several runs, playing with and without cheats to learn the mechanics, and ask questions! Perfect Dark requires lots of knowledge and understanding of the game to achieve good times, and of course having solid movement is good too. If you ever need advice, I'm always happy to help, just contact me on the boards, Discord, or PM me!
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Re: The GE Player's Guide to PD (2018 League Edition)
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great post! thanks icy


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Re: The GE Player's Guide to PD (2018 League Edition)
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great writeup as always icy - i would recommend anybody semi-decent at GE to look at my PD page for inspiration as I generally spent a few hours on each time bar some p2 and villa pa runs
...and if you watch my p2 agent tutorial, i recommend watching it in 1.25-1.5x speed because i stuttered all over that shit; timestamps in the description if you need to skip around

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Re: The GE Player's Guide to PD (2018 League Edition)
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great post as always, I agree with most of the things you say, though I do disagree with you saying don't bother with the karl door speech skip strat on AF1, you have a lot of leeway/attempts to try it as you're waiting for the door to open, so at least give it a try, it involves timing the pause right and weirdly so I can see why players would not like it though

my top levels for easy points are defection sa, defense sa, war agent (if you have it unlocked), chicago sa, agent, pa, defection agent, defense agent, investigation agent, GE like levels such as extraction agent, infiltration agent, villa agent (fun!), rescue agent and sa (lift warping sucks though) MBR agent/sa/pa

If you have pal 100% play PAL deep sea SA and agent, although SA is much easier points though because getting an elvis that is good enough for decent points is much harder on agent, there's a consistent but obviously not optimal elvis strat thats okay for decent points on SA from Boss's epic GDQ Perfect Agent run, which is in this ez points strat video that I made:


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Re: The GE Player's Guide to PD (2018 League Edition)
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Hey, complete newb here, some great info is this post.

How or when can I get involved in the league please? Feel this would give me some focus

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Re: The GE Player's Guide to PD (2018 League Edition)
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I don't think there are actually prerequisites to be eligible. However you will have to convince the captains that you will be a contributing member to their team. Here is one guy (albeit a somewhat experience one) trying to convince the captains to draft him. Show off your gameplay and gain some value points before league even starts. That could help.


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Re: The GE Player's Guide to PD (2018 League Edition)
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Ah ok, so not the newb beginner league I thought it might be.

No problem, I still need to sort my capture equipment and work on my game, so no big deal. Still great advice in this thread

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Re: The GE Player's Guide to PD (2018 League Edition)
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Ah ok, so not the newb beginner league I thought it might be.

No problem, I still need to sort my capture equipment and work on my game, so no big deal. Still great advice in this thread

What are you talking about? I AM a noob beginner.  :nesquik:

But on a serious note, it's open to anyone and everyone; just sell yourself. I probably won't even be picked up  :v
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