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Frag Levels Luck Rankings
« on: May 24, 2018, 04:58:34 pm »
Random topic before I go to bed. Here's my "how much luck is required for a good score" ranking of the frag levels, though I haven't played I Like Dead People since I got the WR so I don't remember it exactly.

7. Big Game Hunt: WR is possible as long as you get a good outside spawn and you're quick with the sniper. The luck involved is mostly not dying from a random shot which isn't that common, IIRC.

6. Zany Zeppelin: It's possible to semi-consistently get 80-85 kills on this level as long as you don't die and spawn far away, optimal is to not die at all of course. The bots keep coming consistently but there's still spawn luck involved because the level is so damn big. That luck is needed for WR.

5. I Like Dead People: Pretty sure this level belongs here but my memory might be off.

4. Toy Soldiers: With quick trigger fingers and just OK luck 60 kills doesn't seem that tough anymore. You can get an insane first one or two minutes kind of often, but 65+ require luck and skill throughout the entire run.

3. Ninja Garden: These last three can probably switch places. I feel like this level rarely has an "inbetween" run; you either get like 40+ relatively quick or barely 30 for the rest of the session. Anyone have a good strat for it?

2. Divine Immolation: Yeah this level require a lot of luck since the level itself is really big and you need good suicide spawns. The bots often kill each other too.

1. Rockets 101: Probably very biased here since I've never really had a good run but 1) the level is huge so you can sometimes have a 15+ kills first minute and then be all alone for a good while, 2) the bots often kill each other before you can, 3) the weapon sucks and is difficult to be accurate with.

Like I wrote, just a stupid random list before bed.