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Virginia 2018 -- Recap Topic
« on: August 05, 2018, 01:17:38 am »
It is a bit of a tradition to post a few thoughts about the meet. Let's hope we don't also need a lost and found topic.

I liked the virtual reality games and I was totally content with everything the entire week. No regrets, I did everything I wanted to. I may have been stung by an insect on my leg because there was a swollen spot for 3 days but that is gone now.

I may or may not do the person by person recap thing later.


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Re: Virginia 2018 -- Recap Topic
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2018, 01:33:47 am »
Turns out just copying the 2016 recap post didn't quite work so here are some alterations.

Someone left this thing:

A triple red shroom showed up on the final day:

The thing about a bug did not happen this time, that was in 2016.

I did do some virtual reality but not much.

Nate is great.

I took off my shoes at 9pm on Monday and didn't put anything else on my feet until after noon on Saturday.

Swam every day.

Smacked around the volleyball three days.


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Re: Virginia 2018 -- Recap Topic
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2018, 03:48:09 pm »
This was my 3rd year, but the first time I had the chance to stay for more than a single night, some notes:

Going in with very little Kart experience, I had a great time playing with everybody in the tourney and learned a lot (shoutouts to Frankie for telling me to how to stop the item roulette faster), maybe by next year I'll have remembered where all the bombs are  :rollin:. It was great to meet some new people like Menji, Scott, UNO, and Matis, and have some great conversations with Clark especially. Ridiculous front sunburn notwithstanding, swimming in the lake was beautiful.
I'm just getting over a bout of strep and dealing with some annoying allergies that were unfortunately showcased more than my karting in my 2nd round (though i was largely outclassed anyhow), hope I didn't get anybody else sick.
And of course, thanks again to Jake, Frankie, and Mr. Weatherton for jumping my car thursday night.

Hope to see you all next year!
Maybe we'll get some Goldeneye this time around  :nesquik:


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Re: Virginia 2018 -- Recap Topic
« Reply #3 on: August 05, 2018, 08:45:08 pm »
That's my iPhone cord and charger adapter. >.<

By far this was the best vacation I have ever had. I was super nervous as a newcomer, but you guys all made me feel very welcomed. Volleyball was super fun even though my back didn't agree. I'm terrible at Werewolf.

Thanks to pretty much everyone for teaching me at least something about competitive kart. I hope to get together with some of the guys at least once before next year to catch up and get some more kart action in.
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Re: Virginia 2018 -- Recap Topic
« Reply #4 on: August 05, 2018, 09:03:39 pm »
Uno, sad I missed you this year (this was my first time NOT attending). We do a meet in a southern Minneapolis suburb semi-annually. A ton of top Kart 64 talent and probably the best concentration of top GE players geographically.


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Re: Virginia 2018 -- Recap Topic
« Reply #5 on: August 05, 2018, 09:17:14 pm »
I have tons of thoughts from this year, so here goes. I'm going to organize them into kart related and non-kart related. Before I dive into that, I think this meet was my favorite yet. The first few years, I was mostly happy to meet up with kart guys I've regularly chatted with like Jake, Dan, and Jones, but this year I had a lot of fun with everyone there. I feel like I hung out with guys like JT, Mgay and Trent more than I have in years past.


Man, where to begin. Honestly, going into the week I made a semi-final appearance my goal with a finals appearance as my stretch goal, and I thought it was going to be a challenge because I was so out of practice (my entire training consisted of playing each cup in 1P GP and about an hour and a half of time trials). But when I got in on Monday and played a few rounds Monday and Tuesday, I put up some solid rounds and was feeling pretty good. I played my play-in relatively stress free as I figured I'd be able to advance regardless and put up the high point round of the tournament at 42! My 2 R16s were pretty tough, the abney/trent/me/matis round was grueling, somehow I snuck out on top. I struggled a bit in my second round with Dan/me/Mgay/Clark, but 11 points in the last cup was enough to seal the deal (with plenty of room to spare it seems) and get me into the semis. Both were pretty stacked, with abney/jones/JT/trent coming down to the wire for the second advancement spot. While abney pulled way out ahead, JT managed to squeeze by Jones and Trent, though Jones made a real run at it late. Then, it was time for my semi... and wow, it was the most intense kart round I've ever played in. You can tell by looking at the body language of all of us at the beginning of the round and the end of the round how much it meant, and it was close the whole way through. Once again, I struggled early but was able to pull it back late and secure my advancement, but man I think the BC-CM stretch of tracks was the most nervous i've ever drove lol. I'd suggest you guys watch it all the way through if you haven't yet. My Cinderella run sadly came to an end in the finals, as I once again struggled in the beginning of the round but this time couldn't pull it back. Sadly I finished last here, but a 4th place finish was much better than I thought I could do, and keeping the round close shows how close the competition was this year.

Overall, I had tons of fun karting this week. I feel I got a lot better at 4p vs throughout the week and enjoyed the competition. Hopefully next year is just as good and I can make a similar run!


I'm actually happy with the amount of other activities I did throughout the week.
- Tons of werewolf, this week we decided to add a bunch of special roles into the fray, which created some funny and interesting scenarios. For instance, we had this role the "revealer" which allows the player to shoot a character at night and kill them... should they be a wolf. If not, the revealer dies. Well lo and behold, UNO went ahead a shot someone on the first night and instantly died. The new roles also made it easier to have early discussions. I enjoyed it very much and was happy with how the games went, there were some close matches. Also, thanks to DK and infil for moderating these games, we couldn't do them without you and I appreciate your patience with us n00bs and the difficult roles we were presented. Thanks guys!
- I was able to play tons of other N64 games, but my favorites were the Mario Tennis matches and the WG 3D Hockey. I was able to push Jake on Mario Tennis with each of us winning 1 match and both being hotly contested and then we beat down Stinson and Weatherton in some doubles action. Would be interested in getting more guys in on these as they're a lot of fun. And the WG Hockey was just spur of the moment, jake and i threw it on and then we started playing some 2v2s with stinson, JT, and DK rotating in with us. Was surprisingly among the most fun activities of the week.
- I played some Secret Hitler for the first time this year, and I gotta say it was a ton of fun. Ngamer and I went 3-0 this year, proving to be Hitler's of the meet (not sure that's a title I should be proud of, but oh well). Funny enough, the game I was the Hitler I completely forgot about it until after I killed DK and Stinson and realized they were my teammates and I had to win the game without them, but I had built tons of credit as a liberal and everyone else trusted me as the fascists won!
- We only played 1 night of Quiplash this year, but it still produced some moments of brilliance. Never forget cheetah buttsecks. We never got around to playing again after stinson's slip up thursday night, so "stinson's greasy dick" will have to wait until next year.
- Lots of volleyball, the mvp of the meet was definitely Qwec, his serve was nearly impossible to hit and he won nearly every battle at the net. But I still had a lot of fun and it was nice to run around outside
- On that note, we actually had some great weather this year. The forecasts were calling for rain all week, but it held off for the most part and we got tons of days outside, including people going down to the lake everyday.
- Bladez n Chain$. If you don't know, you don't know.

Overall, like I said it was a fantastic meet. Some of us are really trying to make meets happen more often throughout the year, so everyone seems to have had a great time. Look forward to next year!


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Re: Virginia 2018 -- Recap Topic
« Reply #6 on: August 06, 2018, 12:10:36 pm »
I actually had a little trepedition before the meet this year, with so many dropping out and my good friends Jimbo and Dennison not being able to go. It ended up being a great year though and much needed in my life. Here are some un-structured thoughts:

* Pre-meet at Frankie's - Frankie lives an interesting life in a very pretty area. It felt like a throwback to my grandma's house actually. We played a lot of fun kart rounds and took some fun photos with dangerous looking equipment. This is where Bladez n Chainz was birthed. Here is our album cover:

and here are other random insert photos for our metal album:

* Weather - It was actually nice enough to do outside activities almost the entire week. A pleasant surprise.
* Lake - No boat ride this year, but I spent more lake time than I have since the early days of the meet. It was fun just visiting and relaxing and playing catch with people. It was fun getting the 3 TD passes on the dock even though it took us entirely too long to do so.
* Goldeneye Pro-Am - I wish it had happened, because it sounded like a lot of fun. Hopefully next year :)
* Mario Tennis - Was really fun playing with Drew and Jake and Kyle. Agree on playing with more people. Disagree on the crushing :-p
* Mario Golf - Only had a 3 player match with Trent and Infil. It was fairly close with some good shots hit all around. Trent pulled away late, but Infil and I pulled out a tie at the end for 2nd (or he may have beat me, I can't recall how the 18th hole went). Talked in chat and several of us would like to do more rounds of golf).
* N64 Hockey - It was a great first round addition. Kyle and I rolled pretty hard. DK's advice to just shoot paid off.
* Vigilante 8 - I wish I remembered better how to play. We took too long to destroy each other, but it was still fun playing with Jake, Kyle, Frankie, and Soph
* SNES Classic - I enjoyed playing some SNES classic games with people.
* I'm just going to leave this here:
* Werewolf - There were many fun moments this year. I really enjoyed the special roles. I'll let others get into more in-depth strategy and recap posts, but some moments that stand out to me were... getting a victory stolen from me by the Alpha Wolf switching me when I had basically won the game for the village and then getting a free win gifted to me by being switched by the Alpha Wolf on the last night in the very next game (thanks Kyle). Uno going full Leroy Jenkins/YOLO and using his Revealer special role n1 and dying. JT getting switched by the Alpha Wolf and no one knowing. I also got a good laugh out of Ngamer changing into a wolf shirt overnight before the beginning of one game and Abney putting on his newly-won Yoshi hat overnight during one game.
* Secret Hitler - The game I played I was outed by Hitler and killed. I enjoyed it though and we won. I'd like to play more in the future.
* Micro Machines - We had a delirious late-night MM game from around 3:30 or 4 to 5am. It was pretty funny and it was cool seeing Beck pick it up so fast. Drew and I also discovered a potential glitch with controller 1. He mentioned he may do the PSX version next year.
* DK Rocket League - I didn't get around to multiplayer on different PCs, but split screen was actually fairly fun, even though we were both bad at it.
* Ping pong and doubles - I played so much ping pong this week and loved it. QB and Qwec were my most played with/against opponents, but we also mixed in about 10 others throughout the week.
* VR - I played probably 4-5 hours of VR this week. Sorry for sweating.
* Mgay roommate - He did a good job making up for Jimbo not being there. Mgay and JT are probably the two I am closest to outside of Jimbo and Dennison at the meet (not to say I'm not close with others, I really enioy everyone), so it was good having them there.
* Volleyball - We had around 12 games throughout 3 play sessions over the week. Definitely a top highlight for me. I really loved playing with everyone. Three big specific memories that stand out are Menji plowing down the net and Matis (I think it was?) making an amazing windmill save from downhill in the trees, and Kyle's calm demeanor when calling for the ball ("I got this guys")
Oh and one more moment that really sticks out in my mind was Ngamer coming out in a do-rag and a tank-top (much like this one) for every volleyball match:

* Quiplash - I played it for only a few games, but had several solid chuckles.
* More Meets - I am serious about wanting to organize more often/regional get togethers. Abney and I should be able to get something going in the South Central US. There are around 10 or more East coasters within  a few states of each other that could make something work.
* Peach Cobbler - Ask Mgay
* Fun Facts - The only thing that made Rainbow watchable.
* Big Dick Beck and Crotch-cam
* Meet MVP - Josh Nash, who came Monday and dropped off numerous TVs and a console and rom cart and VR setup and picked it up on Saturday... even though he himself could not attend.

* Good seeing all the guys - I am really glad Matis made a return this year. Here were a few photos of us:
Photo Matis took on the way to the airport
Photo Matis took in the airport

I enjoyed getting to sit and talk more with many people there.

Tl;dr - I hated almost every moment of playing in the kart tournament. I loved every other thing, including playing random kart rounds and watching the kart tournament.

Some random photos:
The podium pic
Frankie eating Kyle's shroom
Kyle with a shroom
The top 4
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Re: Virginia 2018 -- Recap Topic
« Reply #7 on: August 06, 2018, 12:23:00 pm »
Don't forget Stinson coming up with every possible way to hold a controller and sit on the couch in his second R16 round


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2018 VA Meet Recap
« Reply #8 on: August 07, 2018, 02:41:45 am »
2018 VA Meet Recap:

I wanna preface by saying I usually practice a little Kart before hand every meet, but this year I did practice more than normal. I did some time trialing weeks leading up to the meet to practice a few tracks that I know I am notoriously bad at, such as Yoshi Valley...and while I have yet to go back and look at all my results, I know I raced a lot better there than in the past. Meeting up at Frankie's and picking up Mgay and Stinson later was incredible practice the weekend before the meet. We all had some really intense rounds and I know it helped me get in right mindset for the week and gave me valuable practice against top level karters. Mgay you surprised me the most with how well you played the weekend before and during the meet. I don't want to toot Chainz n' Bladez horn too much, but I'm not surprised half the members finished 2nd and 3rd at the meet this year ;) (And Stinson having the most swag performance in a race I will get to later)

Weekend before the meet:

I agreed to meet up at Frankie's before coming to the meet and picked up Mgay along the way at Asheville airport in NC. I was glad to do this and will most likely be heading up to Frankie's again at some point. We got a nice tour of the land and a decent hike around his property into the woods and such. Glad to make it out alive with no kinds of poison ivy or oak lol. The weather there was incredible when evening time came around. Late July I am used to hot and humid here on the east coast but when the sun started going down it cooled off quite a bit and made for comfortable temps to enjoy. Picking up Stinson from the airport the next day 30 mins away lead to us eating at the local Pizza Plus. Tiny pizza buffet that was decent. We were hungry and it served its purpose. For the rest of the day when we got back it turned into quite a lot of Kart...almost too much in one sitting and we were feeling it by the time we finished. But I'm glad we went through it cause it definitely helped during the week in Bumpass. Come Monday, we were eager and we were ready. A group photo outside Frankie's place inevitably lead to the creation of Chainz n' Bladez. A truly epic moment that will stand the test of time. And the ride to the meet was long at first but once we started trading stories of past meet events and a certain Jimbo the ride was over before we knew it and we were at Lake Anna.

(Oh and I talked to the Cookout manager here in New Bern and they are bringing the fried cheddar cheese curd bites here in a cpl months!! lol)

At the meet:

Overall - I had a great time overall and I actually had a really relaxing time. A little nerves making it into the final of Kart but I enjoy those feelings before big events. Was great meeting the regulars as always and meeting up with new people or talking to others who have been there that I haven't talked with as much in the past.

Monday - Arriving as one of the earlier guests, Chainz n' Blades make a grandiose appearance in the exquisite cobalt blue 1996 Rav4 dripping oil and sweat from itself and its passengers. There was no denying us entrance and we came to stake claim to what was properly ours, a victory in the Kart tournament. Or at the very least all the food and cheerwine we could possibly destroy in 5 days time. Typical Monday evening greeting all the guests coming in and just messing around the house mostly. Very casual evening even though many people had troubles with flight delays and traffic and such.

Tuesday - The beginning of kart practicing and watching other rounds. I believe I had some solid practice rounds this day with Frankie, Kyle and Jake particularly standing out when I played against them. I was pretty happy to avoid the play-ins this year and was content with watching others do battle to make it to the round of 16. There were some lopsided point totals but overall still some exciting rounds. I believe this is also the day we played quite a bit of Wayne Gretzky matches upstairs with some rotations and Jake unfortunately being on the losing end prob more than he would have liked haha. I started getting the hang of it after the revival of late 90s Devils began to reign supreme. Though, I still kept confusing myself with the pass and shoot buttons. I would have liked those to have been reverse of what they were. Fun time playing with DK, Jake, Kyle, and Stindog.

Wednesday - The only day I actually went into the lake but had a great time. Water was a little choppy as it was windy as fuck but always have fun jumping off the dock catching things thrown at me. Believe we played volleyball this day too and other days. Volleyball is always fun and I'll play that any time someone asks out there. One day I wanna get a group of us to play ultimate frisbee. It will happen!! Got in to my first round of 16 match that evening and was actually quite frustrated with myself. Should have done better but got a decent round in for the start. Werewolf was fun this evening and the addition of new roles made it crazier and more fun. Also more discussions were had on the first day which was mostly a plus. I didn't have a great time in some games but my village game was strong and was making great reads and was happy to get a wolf kill with my hunter card.

Thursday - More volleyball fun and at this point most of us were very happy the weather was cooperating at the lake for the most part. All around us in every direction was getting a lot of rain but for some reason near the lake a lot of dissipated and/or built back up past us heading towards DC. Had a much better round of Kart to get my total points tied up with Trent on 61 I believe for the 6th spot. Since 6th and 7th spots would play each other in the semi-finals (and Trent was now staying to play since we moved the time of matches up and I'm glad we did that for him) we didn't really have to do a tie breaker and it would only determine the 3rd players choice of last 2 controller spots. But of course Trent and I decided to do it anyway and we're not ones for doing the norm so decided instead of racing for the tiebreaker, we picked a full game of Jeopardy on the 64 to decide our spots haha. I'm glad we streamed that cause it was very funny. Matis mispronouncing words on commentary was def one of the highlights of the week for me. And stream chat on the phone a friend duty was great too. I managed to take home the tiebreaker with a conveniently timed Weather category in final jeopardy which played quite well for me as I have a b.s. in Meteorology haha....though that question was easy as hell. Later in the night we got in a game of Quiplash and it produced the usual memes, Jimbo jokes, Stinson's Own and the spinoff brand Stinson's Essence, etc. Idk where I pulled cheetah buttsecks out of my mind but I was happy to see it got some laughs and became a meme on its own the rest of the game. Altar boys, some dumb fucking birds, Jakes bud light lime, and others also provided funny moments. I will always enjoy playing that game with you guys.

Friday - Semi and Finals day. I was happy enough to make it to the semis but I knew I was good enough to advance further. It was a tough match and 3 of us at the bottom allowed Abney to pull away and we all shifted our focus on each other. At several points and then ultimately in the final few races I solely focused on Jones to make sure he either didn't beat me or didn't get far ahead of me. Choco was case in point that although I got lucky with the lightnings, I only focused his screen in attempt to spin him off the edge. It was an intense match and I was happy to be a part of it with Trent, Abney and Jones. I love that high level of competition and  I was ecstatic to reach the finals for the first time since 2008 haha. The other semis match...holy shit. Could have ended up being a 4 way tie on the final race and man that would have been awesome if it happened. Everyone raced well and it was a tough battle and 1/4 of Chainz n' Bladez prevailed with Kyle also squeaking in. Tough for Jake and Dan, but Dan can at least take home the Royal Sampler Platter getting 4 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4ths. Very rare occasion. Come time for the finals and I felt confident I could win...then Mushroom Cup happened and I believe I left it with 2 pts and a severe uphill battle. I need to go back and watch all my matches again but I had a rough first cup in the final. I feel like I did well to battle back and technically could have won the tournament still with 2 races to go if things fell my way. But ultimately it was too much for me to overcome and I finished 3rd. Congrats again to Abney for staying strong against us and winning and Frankie finishing 2nd. Kyle had a good week too and he shouldn't be disappointed with 4th. Were some strong Karters we were up against. Late night Werewolf was really fun again and I had my best moment ever as a wolf. Getting switched over in the night from Bodyguard to wolf and accidentally not revealing who my wolf partners were that night led to me accidentally killing the alpha wolf the next day and a series of events, lynchings and talking things out helped show how strong I was to be the bodyguard with the village and ultimately lead to me deceiving them and getting Jones lynched the final day and taking home the W for the wolves. It was a fun game, especially after overcoming a very unlucky wolf game earlier when the village absolutely destroyed us. After the game had great convos with crew upstairs and down in the basement before we all went to bed for the VA Meet Sadurday... :(

Saturday -  I was tired. You can see it on my face in the podium pics. We left back to Bristol, VA then I went home and stopped along the way at Liz and Hutchs for the night. Eventually back to New Bern on Sunday.

Random thoughts:

Abney thanks for setting up the stream again and I had fun doing commentary in the 2 matches I did with you. Will def want to do that again and am gonna stock up on Fun Facts for future RR rounds. Another highlight of the meet. And would also like to submit myself to commentate on the Toilet Bowl for next year. Have some ideas for that match too.

I wish we had got that Goldeneye Pro-Am to happen and I am in for next year if we can get that created.

Ping pong was fun again this year. I always feel I get a little better each time but this is the only week in the year I ever play so its always limited.

Prob would have liked to do one extra outdoor event like tennis last year and basketball 2 years ago I believe. But we still got in a lot of volleyball and some lake time and the weather cooperated so I can't complain too much.

Stinson going ultimate swag in his 2nd Round of 16 match with different controller hold variations and poses. The best with the overhead claw grip victory I believe on Rainbow Road. Well done Stinson. If you weren't gonna advance might as well be entertaining haha.

Talking more with some guys I hadn't before or as much was great. Frankie, Mgay, Kyle, Jake, Matis all make this list. Matis was definitely a positive spark in this group and was a great addition to the group again as I hadn't seen him since 2008 and didn't remember him too much.

Was nice meeting all the new people too and I hope you can be a part of this in some capacity in the future. Uno, keep practicing and watch videos on how and when people use items. Will make you better.

Booing Ngamer in the finals of Kart when he was in his VIP seat with us top 4 was a highlight haha.

Watching Clark take victory in the Toilet Bowl was an enjoyable match.

Secret Hitler was a fun addition to the meet and I had fun playing that, even though Kyle got a sneaky sorta accidental Hitler win haha.

Had a great long talk with the Weathertons Friday night during dinner and hope that Mr Weatherton and I and others he had talked to make a golf round happen next year.

Hearing Frankie laugh while he was upstairs listening to us play Werewolf in the final game Friday night when Matis kept claiming he's just sitting there with his foot up made me laugh too for some reason

I wish I could have been present for the greasy dick moment but I'm glad we got audio of it. Well done. Stinson's Own Greasy Dicks.

I'm happy for all the people who did attend and for those that dropped out for whatever reasons, you missed a great week.

As always, incredible thanks go to the Weathertons for them letting us use their house for this special week for most of us. Always my favorite time of the year since I've been coming back and their hospitality is second to none every time. Best hosts ever for the best time ever.

And a special thanks to Stinson for helping me get to the meet this year cause without him I might not have been able to attend. I wish I could have won it in the end for you!

Edit: Things to add. I am down for Mario Tennis next year and I somehow missed you guys playing Vigilante 8 as I would have been down for that too. Drew pulling out the Micro Machines for late night madness was fun. That game is so fast paced and intense but I enjoy it. Will want to play it again next year.

I'm sure I have forgotten some things and I've prob already bored most of you to death in my recap but deal with it lol. Had a blast with everyone and I can basically consider myself 3rd best Karter in America for 2018 in what I consider the US Open of Kart Cups!

And lastly for all the guys who want to do another meet later on this year maybe, I want to be in depending on when and where. I will try and keep up with posts on when that might happen. Seems like somewhere in the DC area might be a great middle grounds for a lot of us on the east coast here.

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Re: Virginia 2018 -- Recap Topic
« Reply #9 on: August 07, 2018, 11:00:24 am »
Sounds like it was really fun guys I'm sorry I couldn't make it but these past few weeks and the next are really busy for me.
I'm glad Matis made it back (I'm still anxiously waiting that 2012 recap video man!!!!) That time out at Frankie's looked like a lot of fun.
How did the Kart rankings go? Abney - Frankie - JT - Kyle? Hopefully next year things will be less busy.


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Re: Virginia 2018 -- Recap Topic
« Reply #10 on: August 07, 2018, 10:49:53 pm »
From the beginning of the trip with Lovins/Derek to the plane ride and freaking out Trent with Derek jumping in the back seet was super fun and wouldn't change it. I had a great time this year, it was such a nice and smooth transition back into it with being gone for 4 years. I definitely butchered a few names here and there but in the end I'd say I got it. It was great to see all the old faces and man some of you guys haven't aged a day!

I really think I enjoyed this more than years in the past just for the face that I wasn't trying to be so serious with the gaming. I was going to try my best and am happy with how I did. So there was no pressure to really perform but just to watch and have fun. I enjoyed going outside and playing all the volleyball and yes Stinson that was me who leaped from the treeline to actually make the save. Swimming was great and all other water activities (tossing the balls around with Dan, Kyle, Trent Jake and Stinson.)

The new guys were awesome, I can definitely see myself having a beer and hanging out with most of them, especially Kyle/Jake, super cool dudes. I could do that with Frankie but I fear that we would just end up in a wrestling match taking our shirts off ha. Next year we'll be healed up and can throw down a little bit. Also thanks again to Jake/Kyle for all the fun Smash Bros.

I had some small talks with other new guys Deeeellliiiioooo, queck (sp), uno who were all cool to talk to and they were a pleasure to be around. It was definitely good to see JT again even though I kept getting his name wrong in werewolf. It was nice to get that old school group going again. It was great to talk with Drew a lot more this year. Made Kart a lot more interesting with all the cool hacks. Can't turn down 8 player micro machines either.

Werewolf was fantastic, hope you all enjoyed the additional cards which I think helped out. Really opened up the room to a lot more chatter and discussion instead of blindly picking someone. Uno going straight for the wolf kill with the "revealer" was hilarious and killing himself in the process. JT probably had the best plays in my opinion, being the bodyguard and then the alpha wolf changing him to the other team. Played it like a pro and ultimately led us to killing Mark...sorry. And the next game he definitely called me out for sitting with my leg up, its because the other chair had no back and I was so low to the ground it was impossible! so be warned in the future if you change your seats...

VR was a great addition. Had a ton of fun playing beat saber and space pirates. Definitely felt like Stinson in a round of kart after I was done.

To all the original people I remember it was great to see all of you again, thanks to infil/dk with werewolf and even secret hitler. It was fun playing poker with Abbey, QB and Infil. Nice chatting with them as well. Sorry for you little league loss QB. Had some nice chats with Stinson/Mgay in the house and outside in the airport. Stinson and I were talking about shoe bombs in the TSA line and he said kinda loud his crocs were hallowed out and filled with explosives was quite risky..but I'll allow it.  I definitely give mad respect to all the Kart players. It was almost hypnotic watching Beck play kart, how consistent he was with driving and mini turbos. I've seen his vids before at they were impressive and even more so sitting next to him. Good luck with his Twitch career as well.

Hopefully next year (yes already planning on going back) Jimbo will be there because I haven't been shit on in a long time. And Wiff...hey. Who knows, maybe next year will be the Ohio Crew reunion! Just randomly trying to think of things so If I forgot anyone my bad. If I have anymore thoughts I'll definitely post. But lots of fun and would recommend to anyone!

PS. Weatherton and I are starting up the Pro/am GE tourney in a few hours if you want to join.


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Re: Virginia 2018 -- Recap Topic
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Count me in :p
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Re: Virginia 2018 -- Recap Topic
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We should do this next year:


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Re: Virginia 2018 -- Recap Topic
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the meet was great as always. i try to be up from ~10AM to ~3AM just to pack in as many fun activities and games as possible.


-seeing my good friends like dan/kyle who i didn't meet up with enough during the year
-seeing people i have gotten to know from the meet like stinson/JT/jones/frankie
-meeting new people, everyone there was cool though it's hard to really get to know everyone. jimbo and dennison were missed, but matis made up for it with his hilarious stories.
-seeing how much people from outside the community enjoy the meet every year, and how they get excited to play the games and have meetups.


-swimming in the lake as much as possible. taking way too long to ccomplete 3/3 TD passes, and having to be demoted to "near throw." using inner tubes for maximum relaxation.
-volleyball was a lot of fun as always. Qwec for MVP, and i still cannot believe Matis hit that hail mary shot over his head.
-seeing a flyby from two jets messing around doing barrel rolls was pretty sick.
-making s'mores.


-did a good job of getting in a lot of side games this year
-got to play smash 64, my favorite game. Matis and I picked up where greg/eddie left off with 1v1 battles, and kyle/abney/etc joining in later.
-wayne fucking gretzky. what a great(and hilarious) game. those matches were maybe the most hype thing besides kart, even featuring DK playing n64. i lost a lot but it was still a lot of fun #ohwhatamugging
-after about 1.5 years and several matches that honestly should have been recorded, kyle finally got the better of me in mario tennis. our matches are the most ridiculous thing, either dead even the entire time or alternating runs/chokes that end up evening out. doubles with weatherton and stinson was also great, i can't remember the last time i got to play doubles with 4 people.
-vigilante 8 and 2nd offense are two vastly underrated games, so glad we played some rounds of them. the music in those games is amazing too.
-nfl blitz is always fun even when you get trolled
-watching good eliters play GE/PD in person is always crazy to me. i try to play GE every now and again but always give up because 1.2 is so unnatural
-hit a weathertenko and a sub 17 lap on MR sc 3lap, but sadly didn't get a PR this meet. PAL was pretty frustrating, but mostly because i was playing annoying levels like TT sc flap.
-jeopardy was hilarious to watch. Matis going full mayweather and chat participating were great additions.
-quiplash might be my favorite thing about the entire meet. that game is so fucking hilarious and we need to play more to freshen up new memes


-micro mountain was incredible. it is insane to see how far this game is getting pushed to this day. got a nice sc flap, and was trying to find ways to refine it with help from matis. of course as soon as i found a little thing to save time, abney had already been doing it downstairs for the wr. would have liked to maybe play some more of it, but i don't like wasting too much meet time playing something by myself.
-did not practice enough, so i cannot complain about how i did.
-every year since 2015 i have left wishing i could get back just one situation where i did something stupid that i know better than to do(early star use on MR when i needed to win the race this year). i am terrible at screen watching as well, so bad in fact that i didn't even notice stinson wasn't using items until the round was over. that semi was a struggle, and i think it's safe to say frankie and kyle have officially arrived. JT in the finals was good to see, and not a surprise based on how he was playing. there is no way to get close to a shot at the finals and not feel disappointed if you don't make it, but again i know i didn't prepare or play as well as the people i faced and will have to put more time into it next year. congrats to abney for winning it all, and thank you stinson for the free points and laughs with alternate controller grips.
-almost forgot the quality commentary and RRd fun facts


huge thank you to infil and DK for moderating these games. we are very lucky to have people wiling to do that every game, and do it so well.

where do i even begin? the new games with roles were so, so good. i still like the classic version, but the roles really make things interesting. having such powerful roles makes claiming much more important. i feel like i have become a very good village player, but really want to get better as a wolf. i was a wolf twice, and one of those games abney randomly killed me at the very beginning. the other game, i made a stupid play and turned the mentalist into a wolf. i still think that 1. we could have gotten out of it somehow and 2. village would have been able to see that weatherton had changed if i chose him. i made other mistakes like trying to kill jones early, but oh well.

-JT showing his wolf skills after being changed as the bodyguard. i felt like there was a chance they would realize a changed bodyguard was still a possibility, but JT came right out practically yelling his explanation and from there it was over.

-i was talking to stinson when infil was explaining the revealer, literally had no idea what it was. i got the explanation soon enough, as uno used his shot night 1 and killed himself lol

-getting wolves killed like ngamer/qwec/should have been menji (still had bad reads like when new scott was going for matis)

-IsThatTheAlphaWolf trolling all of us with his aloof demeanor, meanwhile killing his own wife after she claimed hunter because "i knew you wouldn't shoot anyone." this guy accidentally jumped onto the wrong bandwagon to kill a known villager, played it off as if he just didn't know what was going on, and no one even questioned it. also gave matis one of the more aggressive bussings we have seen from wolf teammates. that was a great game by thingy.

memorable quotes:

"i'll put my greasy dick on his controller"

"cheetah buttsecks"

"so he had this painting of just a dude's ass hung up in his house"

"continue to fire sea!!"

"who is that guy with the fake mustache and glasses on stream"

"it like a parody.....par o deez nuts"


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Re: Virginia 2018 -- Recap Topic
« Reply #14 on: August 12, 2018, 02:33:55 am »
I forgot about the jet fly-over. That was wicked
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Re: Virginia 2018 -- Recap Topic
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The jet fly by was sweet. Forgot about that too til Jake brought it back up. And that shot by Matis in volleyball...I prob could have done something about it but I was too mesmerized to move haha.

I finally went back and watched all the matches as I was in and most of the other official matches too. Loved the commentary this year and Fun Facts on RR will be the only saving grace for me not to clamor on next year about us somehow getting rid of that damn track haha (Even though I think placed 1st twice in it this year). When I was doing commentary with Beck for two of the round of 16 rounds, I believe, I noticed chat asking for fun facts when we got to RR and I dont think fun facts had really been talked about yet as a whole to everyone so I ended up just bringing up real facts about Frankie in the mtns with his chickens lol.


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Re: Virginia 2018 -- Recap Topic
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Does anyone have or know where to find the group pics we took at the meet?