Author Topic: Another for the nerds- and the herbivores  (Read 302 times)


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Another for the nerds- and the herbivores
« on: October 14, 2018, 08:01:15 pm »
If my last topic was anything to go by then I know that my instincts were correct- i'm looking in the right place! Here's another assignment for you faceless online genius' I've so come to love and depend on:

I'm sure that we all have a friend, or at least a friend of a friend who had seen a movie with another friend about animals that aren't friends becoming slaughtered and cooked up between two pieces of bread for friends to stand around and enjoy other friends with. After watching this horrific movie about how our food comes from adorable calfs graduating from Bovine University this friend of a friend denounced meat altogether and became a vegetarian.

I am so confident in my insatiable cravings for meat (insert gay joke here) that I can sit through any one of these movies all the while eating any number of double big macs, veal on a bun, steak, and raw rare Californian Condor eggs. The only problem is don't know any movies I can download with this latest internet downloading tool thing I just learned had something to do with something called a torrent? I don't know, point is what's a good movie that turns ppl off of meat?