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MOAMathon 2018 Videos and Feedback Thread
« on: October 24, 2018, 01:02:20 pm »
MOAMathon Website:

As most of you will know, on October 19-21 The Elite hosted a speedrunning marathon on called MOAMathon to raise funds for our Meet Of All Meets (MOAM).

Here are the runs and events from it.

Intro + GoldenEye 007 any% Race #1 -

GoldenEye 007 any% Race #2 -

Krunker Session -

Clustertruck any% by Dusky -

Mario Kart 64 150c All Cups No SC Race -

Project Nesquik any% by SGT RAGEQUIT -

Super Mario 64 70 Star by Qweczol -

Zoop Level Mode by Irie -

Marathon 2: Durandal any% Kindergarten by tbcr -

Alcatraz: Prison Escape any% Maximum Security by tbcr -

Banjo-Kazooie 100%* by Qweczol -

Kapap 1 Director's Commentary -

Mario Party 3 Story Mode Easy by dsx - (DNF)

Cruis'n World All Championships by dsx -

Star Fox 64 any% by dsx -

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time any% old route by Tabercorn -

Medal of Honor: Underground All Missions by Spec -

Metroid 100% Deathless by BreadForBrunch -

Perfect Dark 30 Challenges by Lake Demon -

Super Mario 64 120 Star by Madoka -

Wave Race 64 All Championships by MetalHead -

Extreme-G any% by MetalHead -

Portal any% Glitchless by Sharpeye468 -

Skate 2 any% by Craig -

Skate 3 All Death Races by Craig -

Rise of the Triad: Dark War any% by tbcr -

Wheels Hard/Fast by tbcr -

N64 Triathlon by Qweczol -

Krunker (get called a hacker) by Sammy Rodgers -

Adams Drive 32 any% by Dusky -

Irritating Stick Normal by josh116pep -

Perfect Dark at AGDQ 2014 Re-stream

2018 Elite Fantasy League Recap (Part 1) -

Perfect Dark Perfect Agent by Lake Demon -

2018 Elite Fantasy League Recap (Part 2) -

Bomberman Fantasy Race any% by Spec -

Super Metroid any% by Overfiend -

Diablo III any% New Game (Wizard) by Sharpeye468 -

The World's Hardest Game any% (Classic) by JDBlack21 -

Jeopardy! Hard Mode by MW -

Goldfinger 64 any% by HarryCoupe -

SpeedRunners -

Kapap 2 Re-stream

Goldfinger 64 Race -

Zoop Continual by Irie -

Kapap 3 Re-stream

2015: A GoldenEye Odyssey Commentary

Green Project 2 Re-stream

Top Gear Rally any% by dsx -

Street Boyz New Game+/All Levels by ThaRixer + MOAMathon Finale -

- Banjo-Kazooie: Many technical issues occurred during this run. Additionally, the run no longer qualified for 100% after a certain point.
- Kapap 1 Director's Commentary: Some sections are muted due to copyright matches. The stream also went offline briefly.
- Medal of Honor: PlayStation 2 froze mid-run.
- Ocarina of Time: Stream went offline briefly.
- Metroid: One of the most professionally presented runs in the marathon.
- Perfect Dark 30 Challenges: Stream went offline briefly.
- Goldfinger 64: Played on 1964 60FPS emulator.
- Kapap 2/3 Re-stream: Some sections are muted due to copyright matches.
- Top Gear Rally: Irrelevant world record with lots of frame drops and lots of laughs.

A big thankyou to:
- all the runners - obviously without you guys we wouldn't have a marathon!
- Harry for helping the most with everything to do with organising and hosting the stream. I couldn't have done all our work myself!
- Harry's girlfriend Taylar for creating all the stream layouts, they look fantastic!
- all the other hosts - Birdie, Dusky, Kevin, Sharpeye, and Overfiend, great job guys!
- everyone who commentated; too many to list!
- TheFlash for all his help with getting up and running and for promoting the marathon on the rankings home page!
- Phil Bez for sparing the time to participate in the Kapap director's commentary (it finally happened!)
- Goose for announcing the marathon after a SpeedLore and tweeting it out
- Sharpeye for the r/speedrun post and anyone else who announced the marathon on social media
- Grav for the original concept. I hope you come back and witness what a great thing your idea turned into!
- anyone else I may have forgotten who took time to help out in some way
- EVERYONE for watching, chatting and being supportive.

...and of course, a HUGE thankyou to everyone who donated! The money will really help people out for this massive Elite meet.

An extra special thanks to Ragequit for DOUBLING the donation amount that we achieved at the marathon's end, incredible!

MOAMathon was fantastic and a success in many ways. There will be more Elite marathons in the near future where we will have learned from this experience and put on an even BETTER show for you all!

Post any feedback in this thread, and I'll see you at the Meet Of All Meets!

Much love,
dsx and The Elite community
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Re: MOAMathon 2018 Videos and Feedback Thread
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2018, 06:55:47 pm »
2nd GE any% race -
Commentary: Dusky and I and a couple others in voice chat

This was run good other than I got double RL'd on Streets lol so the race was lost there pretty much, still got 2nd and there were a few others racing like Pauli

Krunker fill session
Commentary: Sammy and I

I played pretty well here, was fun to play with people who were new to the game, highlight game was Sammy and I both getting 30+ kills in a game and me losing despite having more kills

SM64 70 Star fill session
Commentary: Me

I was totally unprepared for this but decided to fill in because there was going to be a lot of dead air before Irie's run. Glad I was even able to finish this lol, I forgot a star in Tick Tock Clock but made up for it by getting Bowser in the Sky red coins star for the 70th. Still the end time was respectable considering I hadn't played this in a while

Banjo-Kazooie 100%
Commentary: Me

This was the run I had practiced the most for, and the run actually went pretty well until the last 2 levels where 1 mistake can lose minutes and I was on PB pace until then. Of course, this took like an hour to setup and the run didn't end until like 5am after I had been up at 7am the day before so I was totally checked out close to the end and it was pretty obvious. I realized later I could've taken a safer route and been fine at the end but oh well. This was not a 100% run because I missed 5 notes out of 900 and 2 jiggies out of 100. Actually had a good final boss fight so that made me happy. I think like the first 30 minutes of the run aren't watchable because of Birdie's internet dying but it was a lot of fun to have him around regardless.

N64 Triathlon
Commentary: Me

This run went really well other than the obvious gaffe of failing the Ocarina of Time wrong warp for about five minutes. There is so much shit than can go wrong in OoT that each lose minutes so only messing up on one thing I think is acceptable. I had no trouble at all with this in practice but thankfully I realized what was messing me up at some point enough to pull it off. As it happens I was being so safe on the setup that I was doing the inputs too slowly and making Link's position inaccurate. It's still impressive to pull this off in a marathon run regardless I think. Sm64 went really well and there's a funny death on Bowser in the Sky where I get trolled badly by a goomba. Goldeneye I didn't die on Streets this time, solid run for a marathon. This could've been a PB in this category without the OoT messup.

Krunker Get Called a Hacker%
Commentary: Sammy and me

This was one of the best runs of the marathon by Sammy even though he went so far over estimate. I helped him in this run by scouting out other lobbies to find potential hackusation candidates and I actually had someone call me a hacker before him which allowed me to direct him into their lobby.

I look forward to doing the same runs next year but even better honestly. Next time though I hope we can have Birdie's setup go by a bit faster so I don't have to finish at 5am lol. Establishing guidelines regarding bitrate, quality, etc. beforehand will help a lot in a more consistent experience. Of course, I don't know how we're going to fix the audio delay bit yet, that was pretty annoying to see in a lot of the runs.

I helped with commentary for Project Nesquik any% and Super Mario 64 120 star, as well as being in voice chat helping to read donations and progress the stream for basically all of the 1st night. It was a lot of fun, hopefully more people in the community are interested in volunteering some runs next time to add a diversified games list.

I know we had discussed previously doing a challenge run and more donation incentives, so we should plan those out ahead of time and set them in stone before the runs begin. I know I at least had some big donations during my runs but no idea what to do as an incentive lol. With some more community planning we can make a challenge run happen, I talked about some ideas with Dusky several times but we never pinned anything in particular down, next time for sure.