Author Topic: Mystery: Why is crouching different on NTSC?  (Read 331 times)


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Mystery: Why is crouching different on NTSC?
« on: November 08, 2018, 09:37:05 pm »
This is something I've known for awhile, but haven't ever been able to figure out. Essentially, double crouching on NTSC allows you to do some things you can't on Jap (and PAL I believe), or otherwise makes them much easier.

First, on Investigation, you can do laser skips in reverse on NTSC, but they are significantly harder to the point of near impossibility on Jap.

Second, there's an out of bounds you can do on Villa that is easier on NTSC, but is still noticeably harder to do on Jap.

Third, and easiest to observe, the floor clip at the end of Rescue can only be done at all on NTSC, and doesn't work on Jap.

So the question is why? Is NTSC more glitchy with double crouching somehow? Are you shorter? Are you faster? I thought it may be because Joanna's model is different on Jap, but these also don't seem to work really well on PAL either. Similarly, on NTSC with the Play as Elvis cheat, you can't do any of these, or even normal laser skips at all. Does this mean Joanna's head is different on Jap?

Likewise, what does this observation imply? Are laser skips marginally easier to perform on NTSC? Are there any relevant OoBs that are easier/accessible on NTSC? Could there be some Combat Simulator strategies available on NTSC when not a Maian?

If anyone can provide insight or figure out what's going on, that's would be greatly appreciated! :v