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G'day all. I've been working on putting together an introductory video tutorial series for new players over the course of the last month or so, and I'm finally ready to release the first batch out into the world. The video series was originally inspired by a thought to turn Icy's beginner guide forum post into video form, and then expanded into a more comprehensive video series aimed at covering as much non-level specific information as possible, with a few short guides on suggested beginner levels. I am quite happy with these and I hope that they prove helpful to newer players. Even more seasoned players might learn a thing or two by watching some of the ones covering broader topics (I certainly learned a lot just by putting these vids together). I plan on finishing parts 8-10 once classes are done this semester, but I designed the series not to be watched all in one sitting, but instead to watch a handful, play the game for a bit, and then revisit as time goes on. 1-7 present everything new players should need to know to start out, without providing excess information. Part 8 will cover 2.x, quickpausing, using a dot, a basic overview of r-leans, a small handful of other tech, and discuss various playstyles, ie LTK vs. playing for points vs. playing for prestige/WRs etc. Part 9 will cover version differences, and present new players with more solid goals, such as the 'Boring Four.'

Part 10 will contain as much advice as I can gather from as many players as possible (preferably those that have played for a year or more) to try and present as many differing viewpoints as I can. If you are not an active streamer and have some advice you would like presented in a video of this style, please comment below, and I will do my best to include it. If you are an active streamer you'll likely see me pop in at some point and ask if you have anything you'd like to share. Part 10 will then close with the credits for the entire series.

Huge shoutout to Icy for helping me make this video series what it is, he gave a ton of excellent feedback on both the scripts and the videos as I made them. Shoutouts as well to MikeMint, DJones, Mop, HenryZ, Pauli, Wally, and all the other mates who helped watch the vids and give some feedback.

Full listing:
Part 1 - Introduction/History:
Part 2 - Rankings:
Part 3 - Equipment:
Part 4 - Control Style/Settings:
Part 5 - Basic Concepts/Techniques:
Part 6 - Beginner Goals Part 1:
Part 7 - Beginner Goals Part 2:
Part 8 - Advanced Techniques/Playstyles:
Part 9 - Version Differences/Next Steps:
Part 10 - Advice From Players/Credits:
Coming Soon!

Playlist with all the vids:
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Re: The Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to GE Speedrunning Video Series
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These videos are all fantastic and every new player learning the game should watch through them!


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Re: The Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to GE Speedrunning Video Series
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Love that sim city background!