Should Ohrami/CV/Banned User #7 be erased from The-Elite community?

57 (66.3%)
29 (33.7%)

Total Members Voted: 85

Voting closed: December 12, 2018, 12:12:58 am

Author Topic: *Official Community Poll for the Complete Banning and Removal of [Banned User #7]/CV*  (Read 5323 times)


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I think it would be wise to erase RWhiteGoose from the elite forums / other message boards or other elite-related social media if he is not already. 

It would really suck to see all of his forum posts deleted as they constitute about half of this forum, and we all know how much people love to look up old topics and history. A censored user name should suffice imo.

the thread will be locked in 24 hours as well.

Why lock the thread? (or any thread)

I've just been thinking that it would be wise to re-upload [Banned User #7]'s proof vids to an elite channel (unlisted & censored personal info) such that the depicted situation with the loli icon and link to his channel is avoided. And to prevent that idiot having control over the displayed title and whatnot.

I wanted to say that the vote was hard to cast because the provided information and discussion was quite useless. I can just say that the removal seems like the way to go because Luke, who is a good guy, is obviously very offended.
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